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  1. [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    waiting for 2021 love server rebirth:sleep:(y)
  2. [Zircon] LoveMir - No Donation Server - Discussion

    waiting for rebirth of love server:sleep:
  3. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    this version works (English) Full Client Link address 1 :
  4. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    1st eden game got disconnected (wrong version) then i download (190505 English Client.exe + Update.exe ) after install it , ran eden, then i got 1window screen with simillar but different logon screen,after logon, then window screen went black, pc harddrive not loading anything, it stay bland...
  5. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    what is instance system? {Day of week events,}? lots of announce/message i think (white background with blue message in korean.), i dont understand it, please have server /GM announce in english too.
  6. [Zircon] Eden Server [Discussion]

    comm shop not all in english also comm shop search not working char name, guild,not in english, Quest not all in english, mail sender not in english. otherwise its playable, is there summon skeleton skill books?
  7. [Zircon] InsanityMir3 Discussion

    maybe increase empowered explosive talisman+empowered evil slayer to mass hit on every attack,(not every 2nd hit) or make demonic pet do mass attack or when strength is apply, either pet improved or attack improved or both, up to players input.
  8. mithrandir mir 3.55

    theres no such thing as free luncher, :P
  9. [300] 3.55.

    Re: Upcoming [300] 3.55. it the second Tuesday of next week (J/K)
  10. Smaug Server Chat

    Re: (>^.^)>[Smaug3G]~[3.55]~[HighRate]<(^.^<) if u already got other private server mir3 running on your computer & they can see snow mobs, just copy files in the data & map folder into your new Smaug3G "data folder to data folder, map folder to map folder, ect." that way u can see all the mobs :P
  11. how to play from different continent?

    any idea on how to play mmorpg that is continent restruction? example : for europe players only , othe cant log & play. or USA players only , other continent player cant play. something to to with ip ban from another country/continent , anyway to go around it???
  12. DistantSoulMates Woool

    anyone know how to pickup drop item ingame? (pots, accessories from mob drop) do u have to do something to pickup or theres a auto pickup? also whats the exp rate, gold drop , ect also when i kill some mob , data window popup , then it said incorrect script??? anyone playing ?
  13. Acolite - Revised

    i play for 2 years now, regular server: mir3usabeta/mir3euro/mir3usa-p2p private server: matrix(very private server)xteme-pheonix-taral/rndpro/sting/ater/avenge/ disapear server : Vanquish 1/vanquish 2/piratemir/1337/ater/ each server i play i learn new ways to play char incluse ...