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    Rejected MIR420

    Mirstenders is in full flow on here 😂😂
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    The chap didn't ask once for any help or advice on chrons server discord. Then comes on here being an absolute tool questioning the server. If he struggled getting into it that's fine, countless people on disc and ingame would've helped him no bother, but he disnt even ask for help or advice...
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    You only had to ask once in chrons discord for information and a number off people would've helped you out and got you on your way and a number off people ingame would've helped to. The daily super cave is where you are best to lvl. You even get a token for free when you type @boost. 55-70 you...
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    The grind is to hard? In a week, two max if you cant get on much you can go 55-70. The grind isn't hard at all to 70.. Fair enough if you want lvl 90 then the grind is going to be hard..but getting lvl 70 and your then competitive as most are on the 70-80 bracket.
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Nothing wrong with the server. A new player can @boost to 55, then lvl to 70 in a week or two easily enough.. most players are between 70-80 so your caught up and competing in a week, two max. You might not have best kit in that time, but with instances being boosted to let you use gems on 59-60...
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    [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    I just dont get why the mir community is so feking atrocious. Dont like the server just dont play it. No need bash it. Herc is one off only a handful still trying put out a server. If a server aint for you delete it and move along. No need for the button bashing.
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    Do people play with sound / music?

    Sound always, music never. Would drive me crazy listening to background music I just like to hear bosses and pk.
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    Artificial Mir 2

    I don't believe for one second the gms are corrubt and in favour off one group off players over another group.. But the whole server seemed like it was thrown together to milk the community off as much money as possible. They dont seem to off been offering back handed deals like another gm was...
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    Large player base? Its dropped over 300 uc in 2 weeks. The gms complete lack off communication is woeful. Server be dead in less than a month the way its going. Never known such a lack off communication from a server host in 20 years. Even official gave more 🤣🤣
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    [Request] Gaming Laptop?

    I have a gaming laptop and mir runs on the on board graphics card. My 1080ti isn't used at all. Bought it 2 years ago to get back into wow. Never bothered so it sat idle till I found mir again after a 10 year break a few months ago. Mir isn't exactly a top off rhe range 3d game so pretty much...
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    how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Bullpit spent a whole lot of money on hardware so he could run mir faster than anyone else..he used to just stay upstairs in bw stores fighting the slower players. Soon as anyone with half a decent pc came up against him it was an easy kill. All speed no skill, not sure who was playing it at the...
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    Avoid Legend Of Mir2 Diamond

    Cant read a thing on that poster mate. Dont mean to be a arse saying it or trying to be a prick. But I cant see or read any off your features.
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Would only take a few tweeks to old caves and bosses and that would give people so much more to do. No one levels in WT,ZT,BC,PSC,PST,ST,FOXES. Lvl 0-50 is all in AWT. Then 50-70 Is in swamp and the other 3x caves. The lower level places I've mentioned form mir2.3 are just wasted. These could be...
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    You need look at the bounty board and it tells you which caves are 3x exp for that day.
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    Old Mir's

    BoSelector was prob the first one that comes to mind back when euro was in its prime and private servers were only just taking off. Talking 2002/2003. I then stopped playing mir once euro closed up until last I cant name anymore. Was to many years ago