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  1. Merciful Mir 2 - Medium Rate - Custom

    Okay cool just wanted to check i don't remember much either but i assumed you were trying to hide it because it went bad or something. Thanks for clarifying
  2. Merciful Mir 2 - Medium Rate - Custom

    This is just a question not an attack or flame/etc in regards to this "After seeing decent success on my first attempt at a Mir server, Merciless Mir 3 I have decided to try my hand at a Mir 2 server" I swear i played a mir 2 server or something from you awhile ago checked your posts to make...
  3. Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    Someone needs to tell him it was never really 100+ wasn't even close to that lmfao maybe over 50 first few days and then down to 20 people with miners
  4. Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    So if you find a bug on a server report it and a gm isin't around can you keep abusing the bug..? Or what if you just "think it's intented" Everyone else can abuse the same bug too right so nobody has an advantage over anyone else? I'd be a bit more careful with my words stormhero
  5. Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    thats the thing you can't do anything about it without really punishing anyone who hasn't used it..gonna assume most of the people who did this spent the cash and gg on spells/mounts/torch/pads already
  6. Avoid Legend Of Mir Evolution HighRate

    Serverrs okay but people having 5+ mining chars is dumb + levelings alts for gg can't really remove it/change it since people will feel left behind
  7. [OFFLINE] Sparta Mir2 - Discussion

    I mean he paid to get items in gameshop to get ahead? Buffs/exp whatever if he's being refunded being reset to level 1 with the advantages he had seems fair no?
  8. MirWorld

    Recoloured/transmog stuff would be a nice cool feature that some other servers have had. Like recoloured heaven/mir armour and some higher tier weapons. Skill/harden torch
  9. [Approved] OldSkool [Crystal] Discussion

    If anyone is solo and wants a guild /Kagome
  10. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Should do something like the MU Online "Hero" thing where if you kill someone red you get a little bonus, i've always liked that idea but it could be abused easily. Maybe when you're red have a debuff of exp. I'm sure other games have had some sort of hero system too it's just the one that comes...
  11. [Approved] Server LIVE - CrazyPharaos HighRate Mir2

    Only joke here is that i haven't been given the statue for first to level 40 Taoer in Bicherville. Gm already appears to be inactive..
  12. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Something like that could work it would stop people from trying to abuse the system, unless you meant the person who kills him gets the exp. Personally i think it should just be used as a cosmetic type currency like armour dyes/weapon dyes, maybe some companions and mounts. Could also limit the...
  13. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Question about the bounty could it not just be abused? Ex : Player 1 goes around killing people to get a bounty then his friend player 2 comes to claim the bounty?
  14. The Kingdom Of Heroes [Crystal] Discussion

    2 questions first is the maps from quest rare? Got the ones in Bichontown easy but haven't had the bugcave or st one and i've been in them since level 20, im 29 now. 2nd does skeleton only scale off the level of the skill and the level of your character? Took all my gear off and summoned it...
  15. Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    This here my friends. Nice that a gm/someone known points it out (imo it carries weight) As i said earlier nerfing xp is huge espically after others have gained.. AWT Went from 7k to 1500. Hell has been changed from 7k-4k. I know exp gets changed blah blah blah but people played beta and...