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  • Hello, can i ask a question about woool game?
    how can i add cashshop point ingame for my account and how i can translate client text?
    please help.

    thank you so much! have nice a day.
    hey man have you bought tera if so wondered if u had an invite a friend free trial available if so could you send me it if its ok i really wanna play bad if so send to this e-mail ashg2@hotmail.co.uk if not forward the messge to people that might have thanks much appreciated
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    Hello...i just want to ask some questions..i saw your post playing Blade and soul..can you help me how to install the game??for some reason i can't go to their website and get information about the installation of the game..ive already downloaded the game via bit torrent..all i have to do now is to install it..but i don't know how..can you help me pls??thank you so much
    hiya Sanity, u gonna release BloodMir soon m8?
    i liked it and i would like to try this files ,
    thanx :)
    m8 i had worked on it but than m wife had to go to hospital from heart attack :( now i sit here on my own and have more important things to do.. but i not stop trying i need only more time to give you a feedback if i get it or not
    Is Genesis A.D. downloads down atm? Or do the downloads go down at certain times or something? Got accepted to CBT but getting 'Failed to install the game. Please try again later [-2001]' =/
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