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DarkSide Mir3
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    Valkyrie Re-Launch

    why monk terrible?
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    Mir Trilogy

    you lie?
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    [Zircon] Ancient Mir - Coming Soon!

    No autoupdate? I downloaded it weeks ago.
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    Mir Trilogy

    I think they do pc again
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    Mir Trilogy

    Is there a picture of mir2 ue ? Mir4 comes next year?
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    Legend of Mir 2 Livestream on YouTube

    i like 1024
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    Legend of Mir 2 Livestream on YouTube

    800x600 is better, higher all gets too small
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    [CD3.55] Hispared cant create account

    Had no space in it, also tried 2 different names 1574865229 what does that mean? why are you so kind?
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    [CD3.55] Hispared cant create account

    If I click on confirmar nothing happens
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    [CD3.55] Hispared virus notification ignore?

    started the hisparedexe can i put on safelist?
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    Legend of sword and magic MMO on Steam

    It's not downloadable, it was only anounced not?
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    Happy Bday!

    Happy Bday!
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    Anyone find profile from whyjewbanme irritating?

    haha..Dsurge allowed at afklvling without rt??
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    Nostalgia vs New Content

    I think new layout is good but am not sure what you mean I like new attacks and maps n mobs