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  1. Ideas for Quests/ Item Progression

    Random quest NPC I made a while ago as far as I remember it worked OK never got it finished but the idea is there. QuestDiary\RandomQuests\MainNPC.txt { ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [@Main_RandomQuests] #ACT FormatStr...
  2. [Holley] Quick Request
  3. [CD3.55] How add as city maps?

  4. NPC Marriage,i have quest= error..

    Should the #SAY be an #ELSESAY ?
  5. [Holley] NPC change

    You could get them to log onto an alt and change the main character's values. But changing the character's name through an NPC would have a lot of undesired consequences.
  6. Legend Of Mir 3 Server

    I've "faied" myself. :( We're not "trying to make jamie look bad" just stopping people from getting their hopes up. Again.
  7. Legend Of Mir 3 Server

    MiR 2 - Server Advertisements -> Upcoming Servers -> New Server Underway... MiR 2 - The Four Heroes -> MiR 2 - Server Advertisements -> Upcoming Servers -> Clash Project...
  8. Legend Of Mir 3 Server

    Something tells me he's making a server...
  9. Legend Of Mir 3 Server

    From some random source I've got... switch (m_pUserInfo->m_THumanRcd.btJob) { case 2: // µµ»ç { m_Ability.MaxHP = 14 + ROUND((nLevel / 6 + 2.5) * nLevel); m_Ability.MaxMP = 13 + ROUND((nLevel / 8)* 2.2 * nLevel); m_Ability.MaxWeight = 50 +...
  10. Script fail [Gender]

    # IF !HLSCRIPTCMD CHECKRELEVEL 1 #ACT break #SAY failed... #IF CHECK GENDER MAN #ACT Linemsg [Grobal] "El Baron <$USERNAME> Online" ; break #ELSEACT Linemsg [Grobal] "La Baronesa <$USERNAME> Online" break
  11. concatenate variables

    Try using: FormatStr
  12. Working on a vipscript for kings

    from a set of files I have, never used so might not work... #ACT getdate mov ÔÂ·Ý %P8 mov ÈÕÆÚ %P9 GETTIME mov Сʱ %P8 mov ·ÖÖÓ %P9 failing that you could use the ancient sword quest from... \Envir\Market_Def\PastBichon\WeaponQuest-10.txt
  13. Double click items

    np & yes that's right
  14. Double click items

    In the DB make sure gold bar is Stdmode 60 and Shape 20
  15. Help with script

    [@obtener] #CALL [IntegralScripts\1Explicacion.txt] @obtener Try changing one of the "@"'s