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    Banshee Mir II [Discussion]

    U're all on KoS
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    Apocalypse Mir V2

    It classed it as a virus and wont d/l.
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    EU23 ? :D
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    any1 playing on EU23? :P I was on vacation :D
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    Played it, but forgot everything :D Too old to be learning it all again.
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    OldSkool Mir

    lol , remember a guy bk on some serv I played ages ago, beyond decent this dude, with everybody. He was a lil older and didnt like pvp/pk. All the time guild/grp fights happend and he was there (lvling/subbing or w/e), no1 was hitting him, almost every "bullet" fired missed him w/o him dodging...
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    how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Haha, I remember one evening (back in the days) I was @ the internet caffe with my friends and after fking arround most of the day in ZT corners w/o torch pking ppl entire groups, we got bk to Mudwall and there was Gambit. Jebaited him with some attacks going brown and thn running in sz few...
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    lol that WT is a troll :D Looks v nice , good job ! Cant wait to play it, but please take your time and dont rush it ! Good luck !
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    Game Life Time Line

    Started in '92 with Bomberman '93 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge & Doom '94 Fifa 95 '95 Fifa 96 '96 Duke Nukem 3D , Red Alert , Heroes II , Diablo , Fifa 97 '97 GTA, Carmageddon , Age of Empires , Fifa...
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    OldSkool Mir

    Gonna be a warm winter after all. With all the pk/pvp :D C yaz there
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    EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    Looks appealing :D
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    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    How much time will it take me to do 0-70 on a warr nowadays?
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    Legend of sword and magic MMO on Steam

    It's called ipmana, u can find it here I played a Chinese serv with it and had ping 1-5, and I'm from Romania. Was faster than most of them lol. Though I had a chinese mate helping me get the account (cause u need something like a social security number and **** like that...
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    Who's gonna win Worlds 2019?

    I'll tell u Sunday :)
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    Whats up.

    Hey Ben, Because sneak + backstab ! Make assassins great again :D I took a lil brake from mir, last few servers got me bored and lost hope...BUT, if/when u`ll make a serv I`ll deffo give it a try. If I think about it I enjoyed all of your servs (could be that or my age lol). Idk much about...