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  • If you spam me here it goto my gmail, and its becomes PUBLIC and I iwill Share PUBLICLY. I am keeping them out of gmail spambox. They all have this IP on them.......they DONT have Unsubcribe! PUBLICLY means F B Youtube. 1 person has already haad 1k views thanks to me. What I am subscribed to have nothing todo with who is in my inbox or why no dlte button. YA and there is serios issue there. If you are really i need of Help please use the email associated with this account, if not NO ANSWERS and I will share it PUBLICLY
    ok geti g supeer frustrated with seting up a live server found loads of info/ but not got a mba in IT

    and alot info is vague rest is aa pissing contesty People do want a server THEY can play i knew 2 people and i pissed em off by having a set of morals any openbsourse for mir3 go into closed pretty fast if i do get 1 live why shud i post any opensource info there are no servers/clients to learn off of dam near impossible to learn this **** on my own this forum isnt to frieendly, dble posting a ? to get a dikhead answer and topic closed is bs rest of honest people i know do have a rl life and no free time I wanted to learn this not just use vnc ir teamviewer, and have some1 set it up for me the search helps very little
    will be a while yet as not a lot of free time at present. Slowly getting there with gettin the server running without any error's, next step will be sorting the remaining scripts that are chinese into english, then if all is well and the server is running error free, will start adding all my old scripts from 3.55 and adapting them where needed.
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