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    [Holley] ~Fire~Legend Of Mir 3 Holley "FAST RATES"~"PVP"~ONLINE~

    Good gm, he is new but its working... mobs lag on server atm. I am 126 levels. Its not a grind tho.... Download is on Discord. Alot of highrate players are playing :cool:
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    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Now I will attempt patching windows 7 Ultimate and edit back if it works
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    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Deathbringer I just installed windows 10 home, then dowloaded the client. It patched right, then tryed to run game and Nothing, the .exe woulldnt even do anything. What do I need to make game work right-- Requirements etc exe trys to run but nothing thank you
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    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    Can there be an event for those who are Loyal to you.. atm 7-8 players I have seen. That includes me and Bro. what level and where do we rebirth at. I try to give you a good word, you are a great gm and owner, for Years. Level 35 bro is 29sin, and other player is 55 war. Selling benes are...
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    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    All of them... Going to jump on your forums too. Is there a Patch for NPCs like 3.55? Deathbringer I am running Repair right now.. Hope it fixes the NPCS so I can click and buy something Edit post did not work Ran Repair and FIXED
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    [Zircon] Xenos - Discussion

    M8 help the NPCs they seem Unclickable, it opens to sell but the Link dont work..
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    Avoid Legend of Mir 2 Diamond (Custom Low Rate)

    Where is the CLIENT?
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    Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    I have a Blackscreen. Dont remeber what to do, its been a long time since I played.. If anyone has solution plz tell me :-) Ill try fullscreen..
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    [CD3.55] [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 - Dragons Server Discussion

    Is this the Current IP
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    [CD3.55] [Holley] Legend Of Mir 3 - Dragons Server Discussion

    Server shows OFFLINE! please Update the Patch(HL3g). Use your listmake it will edit the IP patch, then upload that patch... it will also show up as a Virus, ignore that :) You dont have an editor in your client or else I would have done it myself. Windows 10 keeps deleting my Listmake...
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    [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    server is off mate, so is forums. Will try tonight
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    SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    Working Fine, WT mobs follow slow. I dont rember what its called in 2.3 Tho. Its the only mir2 I can play atm with XP== maybe the secret :-) Havent Had that error in ages. Try closing everything but the Game
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    [CD3.55] help

    Sejanus is Right. But there is alot in running Oracle. I have a good copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 32bit; Armadillo will crack very easy, You can run 2000- 2005sql. I am running Kings Inferno files I supose since accounts are there and magic and mobs work. Also I am running it on my...
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    mir3 3.55 client

    Contact me here. https://www.*************/jeffrey.fuller.1232 I wont Respond to SPAM from these 3 Domains 2 know of... I dont control MY Content, or use Transparency in a social Media PHP script.. Smile Exsodius Your on my ******** Come check your **** OUT! I will help but not on HERE!
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    [CD3.55] Supreme Mir 3

    PAIN will need to upload a Proper CLient. Patch is gone. All that was needed was a HL There is a listmake in the client. He can make 1. SupremeUSA is NOT this server. PAIN needs to Support his own server or I will contact faceook for Harassment. KingofKings this is the last time I will say this...