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  • You know i love you really, you are my marmite.

    The feeling is mutual hunni <3

    Also I was just testing out the new dislike button :p
    Hi there,

    For some reason my profile is showing an ancient email address which I haven’t used for years, and now I can’t change the username or password as the password I used to have dosnt appear to work either.

    I can can log into the profile via my phone but that is about it. And will not let me change email or password.

    Can you help
    please contact tai
    hi tai can you change the ip for 4souls please as it changed to this one

    thank you mark
    You said you'd been banned a few times lol. Alright - I'm "The Bacon Jesus". Don't hate the name, it's awesome.
    Hey Tai,
    Iv used the ruby server files you posted the link to an got the gamepot client then added your interface but keep getting to same point after i start up the sel run and login gates then the db server an login server which all load fine i get an error "failed loading client information"have i missed something blatantly obvious?? I used the ruby set up guide but cant work out where im going wrong. Any ideas? Thanks mate
    Tai loves old men.

    I forgot the visitor message thing even existed. Feel like a child with a new toy!
    Dunno how to start but am old Mir player i have geek loads of Mir servers but i decide on 21 years old (my old ) :p to make my own server and i have to start now and take my chance can u give me guide links to download it and start my hard work sir..... am sorry for asking about That but i realy dunno how to start ...
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