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  • Mir was a major part of many school drop-outs including my own. At least you got out while you could haha, my downfall was leveling two characters past 40 >.>. You also weren't the only one who didn't play completely honest :) I came across packet injection and got myself some free items from NPCs, I also figured out how to duplicate items too. This was after the game was already ruined by players exploiting the game, but I was quite restraint unlike certain members of the community who simply took the piss.

    This is how I left my warrior
    [part 2]

    Though, after thinking about it, I do miss some goofy times: Wandering around the mines looking for eshock, getting lost (before minimaps), guild wars, fighting PK's, and later the whole beginning of the private server days (wandering around korean servers with LouD/td/others using their GM account to spawn us items lol.) And obviously, dominating ZumaTemple with friends :p

    I reached out to JRSNINE (ENINSRJ) and showed him your screenshots. He's in the military now too (I should have stayed in.) Anyway, if you want to BS/game sometime, my SteamID is ericjx, XBO is ericjxX, or eric.jones.is.awesome on facebook.
    There were some good times and then there were some awful times. I spent way too much time in game. Ironically that screenshot (no idea the story behind that one lol) shows about the same level and experience I had for years and up to when the character was banned later on. My PC didn't run the client very well during "night" time (5-6FPS) so I was running the chinese hack that removed the night all together (18-20FPS). Sigh. Mir was literally the major cause of me dropping out of high school. I ended up going right into college and as life progressed, IT.. then later into the military and now back into IT/defense industry. Meh. Crazy all the stuff thats gone on since.
    I'm doing good man, yourself? I do miss the good old days all those 15 years ago (christ I feel old). I've got thousands of screenshots. It's like I played the game with print screen held down, don't worry though! Apparently I was taking screenshots on your behalf...

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