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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    Both :(
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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    Having issues with my broadband provider. Itll be back up as soon as I can get it up. :(
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    LOMCN Awards 2019: Winners

    Congratulations everyone.
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    Christmas 2019

    Merry Christmas fkers
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    Any Mir coming soon

    Is that a Yimoogi in your pants or are you just happy to see me
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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    IP changed through the night buddy. Not sure if No.ip works with heroes but its
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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    We had 10 people online yesterday but it fluctuates between 3 and 7
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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    Xmas has arrived at Renegade! This year will be just like 2015. Your typical Xmas event consists of XmasTrees, and Reindeers roaming Bichon Province. Collect Xmas presents for the chance to gain Xmas items and even a rare chance for a XmasKey to enter Santa's Grotto! Be warned though as this...
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    [Heroes] Renegade V278

    Renegade V278 Download Join Discord Server is online as a fun dickaround server/something to do server. I've had quite a few people asking me to put it back online so here we are. There wont be any GM's as I will be playing along with you (I've never actually played outside of play testing)...
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    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    @WummyGM Thnx for posting discord link ;) nothing better than free advertising
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    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    Yeah it actually wasnt too bad at start when i posted that but then we've hit level 60 and its full of shite. From no mobs in leveling cave to bosses 2 shotting us. I honestly redact my previous post
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    LOMCN Awards 2019: Nominations

    Best Server: Psychology by far Most Helpful: @Pete107 Best Coder: @Lilcooldoode Best Contributor: @Lilcooldoode Best Moderator: @Alecs Most Popular: @StormHero Most Missed: @zedina Best Newcomer: @Krazzy Biggest Troll: @SmavidDavid Biggest Spammer: @LOMValkyrie Biggest Carrot...
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    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    It's actually got a decent amount of content tbf. Only issue is that you out level half of the caves. 1. Lower exp rate or remove the exp pots from quests 2. Add a gold sink so people arent stockpiling gold constantly 3. Be more active literally the only points i see wrong with this server...
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    [Approved] Server LIVE - CrazyPharaos HighRate Mir2

    Do u ignore us for hours when the server doesn't release on time? I'm not playing if you're an active GM
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    What phone do you have?

    Samsung A7, decent little phone for only 23 quid/month.