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  1. Mir Atlantis [Crystal M2]

    srv down?
  2. Avoid HorizonMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    constant lag... is there any fix for that?
  3. Server testing (January 12th 6PM -14th 8PM GMT)

    btw , u gonna implement energy shield so we can build low life or CI builds? what about the skill tree? gonna be something similar to poe? keep up the good work
  4. InSaNe Mir2 [Medium Rate] [Crystal Files]

    poison skill not working on taos , lol
  5. Mir Atlantis [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Mir Atlantis [Crystal M2] any ip adress i can use ?
  6. Server Online NOW - ALPHA testing.

    is it down?
  7. Mir Emerge - Testing Phase

  8. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Re: Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2] hi , i just wanted to try this out but i cannot press Create character button because of the screen resolution. can i get any help?how to change game resolution for example?
  9. Retribution Mir [Crystal Files]

    and srv crashed..
  10. Retribution Mir [Crystal Files]

    im trying since morning... 3times network faill.. tryed both sites,none working for me :/
  11. Legend of Mir: Affinity Open Beta

    i think this one is , still , account creation dissable till 6 pm . 7min left
  12. Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    srv down?
  13. Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    also if u could make @town or @home for us <3 , would be v nice
  14. Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    srv down?
  15. Mir2 Vengeance - Crystal at its best

    getting connecting to server ect