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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
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    Legend Of Mi2 Covid-19 - Discussion

    just logged on you wiped it fml, coulda done an announcement saying you wiped lol dummy
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    Legend Of Mi2 Covid-19 - Discussion

    you had done these events for ages now lol add new caves or just take down server lol also patcher doesnt work still lol xD
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    Legend Of Mi2 Covid-19 - Discussion

    you said this like 2 weeks ago mate, i know ya busy but surely you got 10-20mins to try and sort it out
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    Which phone you rocking in 2020

    Icovid-11s Plus
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    The Last Chapter : Mir II

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    Hybrid Mir

    doubt it lol
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    Hybrid Mir

    we gonna be seeing Poundland hybrid cars in here too?
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    Please give your honest opinion about this server concept.

    warrs with swift feet... will be abit crazy lol dunno if your adding them to wars but if they are for warrs. things will go crazy and will upset alot of people i wouldn't of added swift feet for warrs inmo
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    Mir2 - Servers

    looks nice, you got an ETA ? :P
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    Legend Of Mir2 Covid-19.

    not really doctors if they got Covid cloud and Covid-19 as poison :D
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    Legend Of Mir2 Covid-19.

    what about puri? anitdote?
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    PS5 Announcement Stream

    looks too futursitc :D
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    Vanguard Mir3 (Zircon Files)
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    MirWorld [Crystal] Discussion

    you actually chat the most **** in this world lmfao... how ya deserve to be even on LOMCN...
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    MirWorld [Crystal] Discussion

    ya get banned from everything cause ya a prick lol