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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. LightBringer

    Snow Maps

    Does anyone know the Map names for snow maps / Christmas style maps for Mir3? I have the Zircon client but not really sure where to start looking, unless I go through them all )B
  2. LightBringer

    [Request] Christmas Mobs/Maps

    Other that the ones on the wiki, does anyone have any Christmas Monsters/Maps that they don't mind sharing with me? Map wise I only have 2 (and would like more!) WINTEREVENT_1.Map and WinterMap1.Map Thanks in Advance!
  3. LightBringer

    Is CoD Worth it?

    Not played a CoD in years, and this one has kinda peaked my interest, is it worth a bash? The 175GB of free space required made me lol (its not a problem, but jesus christ!)
  4. LightBringer

    "Skull/FloatyHeadThing Mob...

    Does anyone have that PurpleSkull/Demon/FloatyHeadThing Apoc had for their Event. Got a few new mobs and wanted to see if I could get ahold of that one, before tomorrow evening ^.^ hah
  5. LightBringer


    So its been thrown up as an idea to implement it into TPR. However what is everyones understanding of how the original Battle Grounds works? as I can't remember jack about it, and would like to know so I can scope it out!
  6. LightBringer

    Achievement System...

    So we are working on an Achievement System. It sounds daft but would this kind of feature draw you back to a server you left? we are currently adding in the fundamentals to our source and just curious to what peoples opinions of it were There would be stuff like Kill X Gather Y Use X Gems...
  7. LightBringer

    Parts System in Mir2

    How would people feel about a Parts system in Mir 2? It seems to be solely in Mir3 servers. So basically if a Sword of War God was 1/2000 to drop from a boss You need 10 Sword of War God parts to make it, they would have a 1/200 drop rate Parts would only be for rarer items but would it feel...
  8. LightBringer

    Mir Website Development Advice

    Still helping a mate with a website, obviously demonstrating spells has a lot of gifs, I have all the functions available but which one would you reckon would be best to demonstrate skills on a website Always playing Gif (auto) Mouse over playing Gif Click to play Gif Viewpoint Gif (when it...
  9. LightBringer

    Mir Related Images

    I am working on a website for a friend who is working on a Mir Server. I am trying to source Images for the site, but seem quite sparce (that fit in the Mir Style) Does anyone have any assets they care to share / areas to look for ? (he doesn't mind paying as long as it's not considerable $$...
  10. LightBringer

    Map Creator / Editor

    To any decent map creators out there, which map editor did you use, and how did you structure it to be more manageable, in terms of object / tile organization and structure? Currently when I am creating maps, it takes way to long to go through which tiles go where etc, and naturally I am not a...
  11. LightBringer

    Graphics Query (BG not coming out as Transparent)

    So i have been working on my Ad, the background image had a still white background, I added an alpha channel and cleared the white space. However, when I upload it and try post it here, it still has it's white background. On the PSD it shows as having a transparent back ground, am I missing...
  12. LightBringer

    New LoMCN query...?

    If you leave a post without posting it (as I have in upcoming servers) it doesn't get rid of it ?! it keeps it there. Game changer.
  13. LightBringer

    Spell Progression (Feedback Needed)

    Hi Guys, So currently on my server I have it so people auto learn ALL skills from 0-30. Casuals will still most likely have the issue where, they are having issues with getting late game spells (especially if spell books now can be used to auto level a skill) What do you think about giving...
  14. LightBringer

    LOMCN Donating

    I donated to LOMCN, does it say anywhere when your sub comes out as its only every 3 months, didn't realise I could do this!
  15. LightBringer

    Creating Spell 'Gifs'

    How do people go about creating Spell Gifs? I have OBS as a recording software, however I don't want the full screen recording to show all in game spells on the new advert. Anyone got any recommendations? Ta
  16. LightBringer

    GameShop Poll

    As I near completion of my server, I want to get as much right as early on as possible. A simple poll to determine what people think about having GameShop Items "Trade-able". You can still obtain the equivalent items (or better in cases of mounts) through drops and other methods Opt1 This...
  17. LightBringer

    BigMap Info

    Just wanted some quick feedback on something. So currently all my BigMaps have all the 'move' indicators so you know where leads to where, but have no names on them, I did this so people try to explore new and old areas alike However, do you think you'd prefer to have names across all the...
  18. LightBringer

    Shanda Client

    Does anyone have this that they can share? the Shanda EXE links don't let me DL the client, I assume it's due to my region being blocked... lol
  19. LightBringer

    7 Days to Die

    Does anyone else play this? It's such an addictive zombie survival game, especially when you are on a PvP server and have 2 'prominent' loot groups on there. I always go on, get some loot and tunnel under peoples bases xD