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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Vagrant

    [Heartstone] Boomsday Expansion

    In one hour the latest heartstone expansion will hit, if anyone plays on LOMCN put your best discover packs here :)
  2. Vagrant

    Excel Help

    I would like to know if anyone could help me with something in excel : i want to add some numbers from a1-a10 and from b1-b10...etc. Now i would like in another spread sheet to add how much of % of x numbers apear the most but to spear in a percentage, if you dont understand give me a whisper...
  3. Vagrant

    [World Of Warcraft]The Iron Horde is coming! Cant wait! Only a few days and a month untill the incredible new expansion is going to launch, I for one will get the collectors edition for this, from what i've seen on twitch this will be the best expansion they ever did since WOTLK, since...
  4. Vagrant

    Paragon Farm

    Anyone want to farm some paragon levels on EU ?Leave bnet tag here
  5. Vagrant

    World Of Warcraft Sub Forum

    Other games like LoL , D3, Terra has one, why not WoW , its much more popular and better :)
  6. Vagrant

    World Of Warcraft Mists Of Pandaria hits today

    Under 11 hours untill Pandaria hits (on eu, on the us it hits 9 hours after eu)! Any1 excited? Any1 will be in game tonight ? Here is a trailer for MoP if any1 would like to see it : Also here is my battlenet tag : Telkin#2465 (maybe you...
  7. Vagrant

    Ranked Team EU-Nordic & East

    Hey guys, we are 4 irl mates that are playing LoL, i've just hit 30 a few days ago, my 2 other mates are 30 quite a while now, and our other mate is only 27, so we are looking for 1-2 to play some ranked games, we can use the ts, we will be on skype to communicate in our language (romanian) but...
  8. Vagrant

    World Of Warcraft : Mists Of Pandaria

    Well i've been reading alot of posts posted by Boubouille from MMO-Champion, and yeah wow 5th expansion has been announced, i for once am really excited about all the new cool stuff hapenning with wow :) and verry happy with 3 more battlegrounds in! Preview of Mists Of Pandaria here ...
  9. Vagrant

    Item names/Cave Names

    If some1 is creative or just knows some cool names could you post here? :), after i do 2-3 caves i run out of ideas for caves/items names
  10. Vagrant

    Server Team

    Hey guys, i would like to make a server with the new hero files, and i would need some help. I can work on databases/spawns/drops and i would only need a scripter and if some1 that knows how to code would be nice too, also some1 that can work on the client, import new stuff etc. The server...
  11. Vagrant

    Command to Unhide?

    I cant find it....i used it a few weeks b4 but i forgot and now i cant find it any1 help me ?
  12. Vagrant

    mapadale King3G Client

    I got house errors in your client, is there a patch anywhere?
  13. Vagrant

    [King]Creating your own system

    Anyone would like to help me build a new ingame system with many new features just like FP/Integral is (but much more different) ? If some1 is willing to help me when its done and 100% bug free i will release the system :) My msn is
  14. Vagrant

    [Kings]Some DB Work and....

    Ok well since i couldnt find a scripter i would need a spawn/drop maker and part of db work, only mobs because i will be working on items and spells and ofc scripting. The reason i need spawn/drop maker is to work faster with scripting and item db, you will get gm ofc, if you would like to talk...
  15. Vagrant

    [18WOS]prism3d error

    18WOS = 18 Wheels of Steel Its a truck game, was borred and got some of the versions, but some when i lauch the game gives me a send/dont send error with prism3d stop working. Any1 got ideas? I've try to update my drivers still nothing
  16. Vagrant

    So is there a item cap on kings or not ?

    I made an item with highter stats than 255-255 and the stats wasnt correct :scared:
  17. Vagrant


    Any1 got ideas how to increase Regen i've tryed some of the things in there but i had no luck increasing them.
  18. Vagrant

    [Kings]Reload command for mobs?

    Is there a reload command that you can use in game like @reloadnpc without restarting the eiserver.exe ? Also is there for items or magic? Or any way to reload from the console ? My console is in chinese...can any1 post a guide on how do you edit Frm_Setup.XML ?
  19. Vagrant

    New Potions Bugged

    Ok i've made some new pots using the exactly same numbers in sql as the HPPotion(S), those work displays the same hp and adds the right hp. (S)Super(HP), says 64HP and it adds 64HP...but in sql its 320. Any1 got any ideas?
  20. Vagrant

    Is there a mir2 scriter that wants to script for mir3?

    Im looking for a scripter to try and do mir3 scripts. On mir3 no1 wants to do it... this is my original thread on mir3 section.(HERE) I can do the basics of the scripts as i am already doing the shops, but there are some parts that i dont understand tbh and takes me ages to figuer them out. If...