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  1. [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    installing right now, been waiting a while for a high server :)
  2. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    If it is sorted why not release for testing? Or you guys not got a host/dedi sorted?
  3. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    Ye maybe it should be changed too TBA instead of 31/3/12..? :P
  4. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    Any idea when the beta will be up, sounds like you guys have done a fair bit of work now. I am assuming now it is just about finding the bugs and such..? e.g. Tao Pets, Pet Rental system and balancing the EXP and such..?
  5. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    I know that they have had some issues with some things, and i think they fell slightly behind after they saw how much needed too be done during the beta. Hopefully the beta will be back up soon though :)
  6. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    Since it is HR server bring in some end game material :) so when u max ur level there more things too do
  7. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    I think a beta would be good ye :) I figured this might happen after seeing the amount of work that had too be done when it did come up.
  8. Decent Comedy....

    Eurotrip.. :P
  9. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    I've just been on too see if anyone was on, no1 was there?? :P When you log into the game it says welcome too Judgement server aswell or somthing.. Still no drop files as of yet i don't think, was thinking of running to WT again, but wasn't sure if it was going too have been done or not.
  10. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    Hey Dragon. This is DanUK ;). Just another note, there wasn't a WT when me and wargod ran too the KR.. Well he got there first.. Wiz tele -> RT when u don't have gold dropping. We wanted too make a guild, since we were two of the first online :P No potion NPC in bichon that i could find...
  11. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    You need too log in or sign up for the website before you can download the files. Also the drop files need too include some gold, no way of buying pots right now. Can only buy potions at certain villages aswell.. Just a few notes so far :)
  12. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    Cant wait too try this :D. Downloading as we speak, might be useful to pack the connection and maps together or just connection by itself so people can try it out straight away, i know how impatient some people are in this community ;) The downloads are running very quick for me right now...
  13. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    You got the link for the first data file working? Answered in post above :)
  14. [King] Legend Of Mir Evolution

    Downloading this just too try it out, no1 has actually said anything about the ingame and that so far.. It decent? Worth a go?
  15. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    So server is going up for beta tomorrow? :P Are the downloads available yet?
  16. [Holley] Mir3 Fusion *(Coming Soon)*

    surely the names don't matter too much until it is all sorted :P
  17. [Holley] Mir3 Fusion *(Coming Soon)*

    I like it :), obviously there is possibility too extend this too more items and such aswell :P Possibly do it for each rebirth or somthing? What sort of levels are the rebirths going too be? Hope not as early as level 100 like a lot of high rate servers :P
  18. [Holley] UltraMir3 HighRate. (31/3/12) Release Date.

    I wanna beta test this :D I love me some high rate servers, i guess there will be a wipe after beta? Or is it depending on any bugs found and such?
  19. [Holley] Mir3 Fusion *(Coming Soon)*

    I like the fact the master student goes too 200, sounds like a proper high rate server, least you've thought about it more then some other servers have done in the past. Is there anything your planning too make this server unique? Or just a good solid server? One thing i have noticed with high...
  20. [Holley] Mir3 Fusion *(Coming Soon)*

    Is this going to have a Open Beta test period? or going live straight away? Sounds good though :)