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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. The Kingdom Of Heroes [Crystal] Discussion

    2 questions first is the maps from quest rare? Got the ones in Bichontown easy but haven't had the bugcave or st one and i've been in them since level 20, im 29 now. 2nd does skeleton only scale off the level of the skill and the level of your character? Took all my gear off and summoned it...
  2. Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    This here my friends. Nice that a gm/someone known points it out (imo it carries weight) As i said earlier nerfing xp is huge espically after others have gained.. AWT Went from 7k to 1500. Hell has been changed from 7k-4k. I know exp gets changed blah blah blah but people played beta and...
  3. Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    Yup agree with the above, still no change log about ninja nerfing the exp in caves Ancient Wooma Temple is one that was nerfed Edit: IMO the 3 base classes should be removed, the spells they have that were unique to them should be split to the other 2 sub-classes
  4. Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    Yup, before i went to bed i'm pretty sure awt gave alot of exp and woke up to find its now in line with the other caves. Also i've noticed all the custom classes have custom items + a free class ring so playing default class feels a bit bad. Also there's items for the custom classes 16 gear but...
  5. Leave of Absence.

    I agree with some of whats being said hells shouldn't have done what he did but i don't believe hells is profiting from this? There was no donations when i played and everyone was being given gamegold/huntgold? On top of him paying LCD x amount of money.. Jamie released the files and someone he...
  6. Edens Elite Returns!

    Little bits of feedback : Ancient ruins was okay i think it needs ranged mobs or taos and wizzys will just live there when they get strong enough, i was killing lures too slow at 45 and with the kit you gave me but wizzys fw and other damage spells prob out dps me, The boss/sub i think theres...
  7. Edens Elite Returns!

    Since nobody is ill try but i have no idea how Edit : If someone has a better site or something to tell me to upload on let me know
  8. Edens Elite Returns!

    No server is up UV
  9. [CD3.55] Sting3G - 3.55 Discussion

    Nevermind got it working
  10. Good old PvP on Affinity

    Oh yeah mofo and amon are in there too
  11. Good old PvP on Affinity

    Mirsword Wizard - Stormhero - TheMafia Heaven Arm Warrior - John - TheMafia Other HA warrior - Saber - TheMafia Heaven Arm Wizard - Hellfire i think? - FFFF Tao with purple fan - Harmony - TheMafia- Female Warrior - Evadd - FFFF HA Taoist - Khalessi - TheMafia Other HA Taoist - Kagome -...
  12. InSaNe Mir2 [Medium Rate] [Crystal Files]

    Skills take way too long to level, i thought we were paste the stage where we have to spend hours leveling skills
  13. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    You're only giving him a shot as he's changing the bosses after you guys farm them, if the other guild was the one playing 18 hours a day and he changed them you and your group would leave. It's unfortunate you guys farm the "4 brothers" for a day and a half get full 90+ kit on 5-6 chars then he...
  14. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    It's up 1 of the files he posted has the new ip it's just got home or would have replied earlier
  15. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    ? What are you 2 even talking about lol, 2 level 80+ wizards in 300mc + gear are having trouble killing bosses meant for level 60. If you think that's right you're complete morons lol. 2 High level wizards should never have trouble killing a boss as you just firewall eachother and have the boss...
  16. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    I told you exactly why we were, i showed you in game and in contest room when you spawned the bosses for us. They weren't killable for 2 80+ wizards. They are aimed for 60s to kill and it would take us 20-30 mins per 1
  17. Heroes Rise - [Crystal M2] Discussion

    The 60+ main bosses rme/yim/kiln are too tanky to kill the 60+ subs are killable but haven't dropped anything so that's why the higher levels are still killing these bosses
  18. Affinity [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Legend Of Mir Affinity Yes and no, the server is a re-release with the same ish content + levels up to 50 which unlocks ascension island. The island had a whole new quest line + loads of new areas/bosses, it's really cool i'm sure they've added to it since i've seen it. People got...
  19. Affinity Mir - The Final Chapter

    Honestly 45+ wasn't that bad as you level it should get harder, i guess it all depends where you have your level cap in mind. Imo people probably complained about it because there wasnt any choice in leveling areas. It was either core or turtles/ancient turtles but i understand
  20. Affinity Mir - The Final Chapter

    Kind of agree with ult, still gonna play at least for a bit when it releases as there isin't much else. Starter area is cool but the exp seems slow early, which is usually the most boring as classes don't have that many skills, considering i played to level 51 or something it's probably gonna be...