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  1. [Ruby] Client for RubyM2 Server Files

    Where can i download the client please ?
  2. Need despered HELP ! PLEASE

    RubyM2 Server files
  3. Need despered HELP ! PLEASE

    Think your code its not good :(( Qfunction script error @ TEMPPOWERUP NODEATHDROP 2 3600 ---------- Post Merged on 31-05-2013 at 07:04 AM ---------- Previous Post was on 30-05-2013 at 04:54 PM ---------- Do u think i shoud look in the DataBase @ the items shape ? maybe thats wrong and thats...
  4. Need despered HELP ! PLEASE

    Im trying for a few weeks now and no positive result :( . Im despered to finish this Need a good code or plz share the file who contains the code for: JadeLiquid (im still droping when i die) DropScroll (doesn't work ... and no icon appears in top right of the screen) ReviveScroll (Doesn't...