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  1. 2fast2furious

    PC Build

    Hi, My nephew wants a gaming pc for xmas and i have the task to spec and build it and was Wondering if anyone who is up to date with current hardware would mind recommending the best components for £500-£600 ideally at the lower end, including a monitor. or even just advice such as is it worth...
  2. 2fast2furious

    mir resource / info

    Hi, is there any websites left with maps and cave entrances / floor coords, used to use mir2resource from time to time for when you cant remember places. Cheers.
  3. 2fast2furious

    Anyone know what this is or whos' server etc, seen someone saying they were waiting for it on the mir ******** page. cheers.
  4. 2fast2furious

    Selling a pc and monitor for gaming if anyone interested :)
  5. 2fast2furious

    Mir 2 Forever

    Removed due to request. Prai.
  6. 2fast2furious

    Which server at the moment?

    as titled which server could you recommend? i usualy prefer low to med rate but have also enjoyed bens high rate servers. which lower rate have a regular half decent user count? cheers.
  7. 2fast2furious

    whats the best way i could setup....

    something so my dad could watch all my movies / tv shows from his house, like stream them rather than me puting things on disk or usb all the time lol, i have 16mb upload so the net wouldnt be a problem for me to stream them to him i wouldnt have thought.
  8. 2fast2furious

    BT Infinity p2p shaping

    is there any way of getting around this as torrents are really slow during there "peak times" ive got 40mb and can download from websites etc fast but torrents over weekends and certain times is enoyingly slow. or if anyone knows any pay wensites which isnt to expensive wich arent p2p? cheers. Ant
  9. 2fast2furious

    Putting a RUBYM2 server online.

    got the files all working now and plan on putting a server online soon, nothing to complex, to help with finding bugs for the RUBY team and also for a bit more selection of servers to choose from. I have not really created a server since 1.4 days so as i said not to complex untill i get the hang...
  10. 2fast2furious

    Help with competition.

    Got an email at work and thought you guys might have some ideas :P Email: We are embarking on a new solution for our Hosted backup replicating Data back to our datacentre, but the problem is the name for our marketing campaign, something that catches the eye on a brochure. For example...
  11. 2fast2furious

    sql 2000 install

    just installed a fresh copy of xp sp3 oem on a pc im wanting to use to install the 2.3 files, ive had this problem before i think :s basicly it gets to the last part of the install where it says installing server and your selected config and just freezes on that screen and doesnt go any further...
  12. 2fast2furious

    rise of phoenix

    in its own server section there doesnt seem to be any download links? whats the forums and links for d/l please. thanks :)
  13. 2fast2furious

    Mir Revenge

    many people from here still play this? is server worth a try? on website it says 84 online ive not heard much about it tbh there forums are a bit messy i take it every1 plays the high rate 1? *Link removed by moderator*
  14. 2fast2furious

    is it possible to make a server if...

    Hi, was wondering if you can still make a decent server without having skills in coding and such, as back in the day when i made 1.4 servers your average person could make a server, as long as they were reasonably interested and knew how to make npcs, maps, image viewer to create new mobs etc, i...
  15. 2fast2furious

    making a server

    Is there a set of files available that an average person can create succesfully without knowing how to code? i ran a 1.4 server in the past with user coun of around 30-40 for a while and could do everything neeced for that, such as create npc's, spawns, drops, make small maps, understand how to...
  16. 2fast2furious

    Insurance claims

    u will all remember wen i crashed my car drunk...ive changed allot since then b4 u all moan again, anyway there were 2 passengers and im mates with 1 of them but fell out with the other about a year ago, he has now put in a insurance claim against me for whiplash, broken ribs, tissue damage, and...
  17. 2fast2furious

    youkou, tudou

    is there any way to make them run faster from uk? as i noticed milo used a program to make him conect to usa better is there anyway to make them sites buffer quicker as allot of movies and tv programs are hosted on these sites and i cba downloading everthng when i want to watch somthing spur of...
  18. 2fast2furious

    how do u look at old attachments agen?

    i searched for mentals post but couldnt find it :( EDIT: never mind i discoverd how to do it
  19. 2fast2furious

    car ticking over at 1500 rpm

    my merc 200e is idlen at 1500 rpm and ive checked all air hoses etc for leaks n they all seam fine, slakend off throttle n tightend n adjusted tickover, i get it down to 750 but but it resets its self back to normal cos its electronic :(, is the only way gonna be taking it to garage and getting...
  20. 2fast2furious

    How Often Do You Go Out On The Lash?

    just wondering if ppl go out as much as me n my m8s do lol, like 4 times a week maybe? sumtimes jsut friday sat but usualy cpl nyts thru week to been knowen to jst have a sunday off haha :)?