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  1. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    hey GM. Some of my friends their char was blocked when they log off. i think you have to fix this problem. that make you lose ppl in server.
  2. Few testers needed

    and me
  3. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    Big issue about log on ., GM. i cant log on game after log off. just stop and loading. then told me lost connect with server. many of my firends has same issued
  4. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    GM ON? pm Xstar
  5. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    how can i check who is first 20?
  6. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    done ---------- Post Merged at 02:11 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 02:10 AM ---------- any GM on? 2000 washcash still availble?
  7. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    i try many time, close and open again. same issue
  8. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    still cant login.. :frown-new:
  9. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    just stay at log in page, nothing happy, cant go next step
  10. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    i download full client and INI file, but still cant log in ---------- Post Merged at 01:50 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 01:46 AM ---------- i sud run mir3 or mir3game?
  11. [GSP] Unseen Serpent Mir 3 GSP

    server offline?
  12. 这儿有中国人么=。=