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  1. Dataforce

    Pocket PC Skin

    Would anyone else apart from me benefit if I added a pocket pc skin to the forums? Trying to post on one using this skin is horrendusly annoying.
  2. Dataforce


    By now most of you will have noticed the arcade (Either via the link in the nav bar, the icons in winners "postbit" areas or some other method) and will probably agree that the default selection of games got quite boring. Today I have added a few more games to it: Nanaca Crash ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^...
  3. Dataforce

    Judge Please!

    Oki gfx people. Settling an argument, which is better: Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: Image 4:
  4. Dataforce

    Its June!!! (Desktops)

    its June, Yay! Time for a new desktop thread \o/ Post away desktop fans!
  5. Dataforce

    Seasonal Avatars/Siggys

    Some of you may have noticed my avatar/siggy changes according to the season, so far I have done 3: 1) Winter (Yes i know i've already posted this one in here before) 2) Post Winter / Pre Spring 3) Spring / Summer Just curious as to peoples opinions, and idea on what i can do for...
  6. Dataforce

    New Server

    LOMCN Has been moved from the old server to my personal server in florida, which is a better machine (2.4ghz celeron 1gb ram, compared to a 1ghz duron 512mb ram). The "Server is busy" message should appear alot less often now, and it should be overall faster than before. Please let me know if...
  7. Dataforce

    So, what did you get ?

    As the title says, what did you all get for xmas then ? Me: New 17" Monitor (now i have dual monitors at the same, res, and not one smalle rthan the other \o/) New radio for car (has Aux input so i can use ipod etc with it :D) 4 port KVM Switch Bluetooth headset for phone misc stuff
  8. Dataforce

    Merry Christmas

    The Staff of LOMCN would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, and hope that the coming year will be as good as the past year. ---- Yes its cliché-d but i make a point of doing posts like this on things i can :P
  9. Dataforce

    xmas-y Av/Sig Combo

    What do people think of my festive avatar/sig images? Avatar: Sig: (The Avatar was made first, i then extended it to create the sig) All done in paint, at 6x and 8x zoom
  10. Dataforce

    Banner Request

    Simple request, a banner, 450 x 95 for lomcn. It will be used for the banner rotation system at the top of the forum when there is no other banners. Banner should have LOMCN on it somewhere, and be mir related somehow.
  11. Dataforce

    Banner Advertising Space

    Edit: Banners are back In order to attempt to cover some of the costs for lomcn, i have decided to place some banner ads around the forum. There are 3 sections: The Home page The Forum View (Thread Listing) The Thread Header (Above the first post) More sections may be added in the...
  12. Dataforce


    I know a few people are planning on going, put your names down here. Information: Multiplay i27 site i27 signup page (You need to register an account at first) Seating Arrangements: They seat you by game then seat people in the game by clan so clan players who play cs will be...
  13. Dataforce


    This is my first real "attempt" at doing something productive with some graphics software (i say attempt, but i was jsut bored and decided i wanted a new sig so got some iamges and put them together) The guy in the image was screen capped from an anime, then the bg was cut out using paint...
  14. Dataforce


    In order to cut down on bandwidth usage and server strain, we have re-implemented Remote Avatars. What this means, is when you go to change your avatar, and you put a url in the box, the server just stores the URL, and then when showing your avatar, if gives the URL so that the web browser gets...
  15. Dataforce

    LOMCN Forced to close.

    Due to pressure by Wemade Entertainment, and the supreme court, lomcn is being forced to close, effective tomorrow. A complete copy of the database has been handed over to wemade, as well as all the server access logs for the site so that they can track down the private server hosts operating...
  16. Dataforce

    Urgent warning to players.

    Recently it has come to light that anyone who knows you loginID can gain access to your characters on any server. Im not going to go into details on how this is possible but there are people who would use it for fun and/or for spite. The great thing is that it is extremly easy to prevent it...
  17. Dataforce

    Wrongly removed accounts

    If you account was wrongly removed by the hacked smod, reply here and i'll move it back to registered status. Done So far: EvilEvil MiloFoxBurr Beachy Farril Chesnut Biohazard Richens TheBoss
  18. Dataforce

    Interesting Firefox Problem

    Hi, I've fgot an interesting firefox problem, that has been plaguing me for a while, and I'm wondering if any of the other firefox users here ahve experienced it, and/or know a way to stop it happening. Screenshot: As you can see firefox aint redrawing...
  19. Dataforce

    Upgrade Update

    The upgrade was completed soon after the forums went offline on tuesday night and now we have manged to get most of what we had before working again :) What is going on : * Remote avatars are now working again * Quick Reply is back * Grey Dream logo now says "Legend of Mir Community Network"...
  20. Dataforce

    Upgrade to VB3

    in light of recent events, we have decided to upgrade LOMCN to vBulletin version 3. This is more secure, alot newer and looks nicer :D (it also gives us admins a lot more fun little toys to play with :P) I'll be working on readding any hacks into it that are deemed as "needed" and anything...