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DarkSide Mir3
  1. shinsutso

    [CD3.55] Hispared cant create account

    If I click on confirmar nothing happens
  2. shinsutso

    [CD3.55] Hispared virus notification ignore?

    started the hisparedexe can i put on safelist?
  3. shinsutso

    Anyone find profile from whyjewbanme irritating?

    Can someone ask him to change it or censore it? I tested to censore it original Also am not sure if he wants to change his name, sounds bit racism not? sounds bit fun but bit fun also so not sure, any jews here?
  4. shinsutso

    Is primordial 1.9 or 2.3 or others?

    I know it's crystal
  5. shinsutso

    [Other] Primordial Mir2 Avast can't play since today

    Primordial Mir2 Avast found maybe dangerous file now it's getting examination, already 10 minutes.. I set 10 times on trust still they need to check
  6. shinsutso


    i saw te videos of legend of mir 3d on youtube and thought it is nice if lom3 gets a graphical updat eh. If not then no problem i know its much work doing all and im the most could understand i wouldnt do eithher my lazy what i noticed of i remember that perspektive could ben to far side but not...