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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Wummy

    [Request] KeyBind

    can any1 send me a fixed keybind please, i have a keybind where if i use a F4 Speel and i have a Control F4 spell it uses both
  2. Wummy

    [Heroes] Help please lol

    does any 1 have any idea why when i log into Heroes files of @Valhalla renegade, it gives me white screen and then blackscreen and stuck like that... ive played heroes on this PC before never been a problem?.. ive updated my PC to windows 10 from 7 if that would be the problem? lol 1576690110...
  3. Wummy

    new server

    is there any new mir servers coming ? :D, i know theres some hidden ones ;p
  4. Wummy


    Hello, I need help, my wireless network works but my wired doesn’t work... it just says undentidfied network, I uninstalled the drive, I resetted my network like 5 times lmao, I went in cmd and Done flush net blah blah blah... anything else what I can do to try and work it?, my broadband said...
  5. Wummy

    Patcher Bug

    how do i fix this problem?
  6. Wummy

    [Request] New weps

    is there any new wizzard weps any where with effects?
  7. Wummy

    [Request] Updated MS/Blizz Image

    Does any one have the updated Blizz/MS images?, i do have it, its just all muddled up some how fml ---------- Post Merged at 10:21 AM ---------- Previous Post was at 12:03 AM ---------- ???????????
  8. Wummy

    [Request] How to fix this?

    how do i fix this fml
  9. Wummy

    [Request] Wep

    any have this Item in the bag and body look? i haven't got it and just wondering if any one has it
  10. Wummy

    Santa Sleigh

    Any one have santa sleigh, the mob by it self? it was a mob wasn't it ? haha
  11. Wummy

    Mir Font

    how do i change the Mir Font? well the blurriness lol,i tried Crtl+F and doesnt work just brings up Friend/Block list
  12. Wummy

    [Request] Turkey Mob

    Any one has a Turkey Mob.Lib ? :D
  13. Wummy

    [Request] Lunar cave

    does any one know the lunar cave maps names ? or can someone give me them ? ;p
  14. Wummy

    any ideas?

    i got a problem. Right, i got a new screen for my PC. i got a VGA cable aswell to go with it. i plugged it in and it said So i took the graphics card out from my PC because it was blocking the VGA as it said there, done that it works fine, but i went to go on mir and it started to go black...
  15. Wummy

    Random item boxes

    iv'e done this ;;ChaosPrizeBox [@_USEITEM(15)] #ACT GIVERANDOM ChaosRing|ChaosWheel|ChaosBoots|ChaosBelt|ChaosNecklace|ChaosWeapon|ChaosArmour(M)|ChaosArmour(F) the shape number is 15, any ideas why it aint working?
  16. Wummy

    if you need any help.

    as i can no longer get on my server due to a problem which i cant find, until i try get it fixed. Im assuming people who are creating servers are looking for People to help them with it. im Happy to help any one out. i can do anything expect coding, im still learning :D. im glad to help people...
  17. Wummy

    Random Thread?

    i just made a thread so people can chat about random stuff :D. 10515414514316416215717215715114412345678812345678 12345678123678326470547 29999992599234789901249999956899029934132699167499 53349999914649932724997 29945678099125689901399567998099299367814679982996 34699818991169966144990...
  18. Wummy

    Legend of Mir Moon - Crystal Files

    Welcome to Legend Of Mir Moon! ​ Basic Information. Server Files: Crystal files. Level Cap: 60 Soft Cap Start Level: 10. Starter Kit/Spells. Classes: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist. Server Team: Just me at the moment. Client: IP: TBA...
  19. Wummy

    Mir 3 Wings

    I found mir 3 wings in a old Mir what i use to play, i found these wings, does any one have the missing images? of the full Lib ? Im missing alot of images. thanks in advanced.
  20. Wummy

    Weird or normal?

    My IP is just on point :)