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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Wummy

    Arcadia [Heroes] Discussion

  2. Wummy

    Chains Of Mir : Powered by Blockchain Technology

    dont put your money in it, it wont spit it back out ;(
  3. Wummy

    [Request] KeyBind

    tried it, deleted it , it will re-installed it doesnt work, still uses f4 and Controll f4 example
  4. Wummy

    [Request] KeyBind

    im playing a mir with no patcher lol so doesnt donwload it, im trying to copy and paste it from other servers to see if it will work. i even tried yours lmao
  5. Wummy

    [Request] KeyBind

    can any1 send me a fixed keybind please, i have a keybind where if i use a F4 Speel and i have a Control F4 spell it uses both
  6. Wummy


    add sins :D
  7. Wummy

    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    Told you server gonna be down
  8. Wummy

    OldSkool Mir

    Nooooooooo nooooo looool
  9. Wummy

    OldSkool Mir

    Mobs are levelled on here :), max level is red level 7 or 8 :) same goes with bosses xD they have their own unique drops each level of a mob/Boss ;)
  10. Wummy

    OldSkool Mir

    Read it and how that’s how it works 😂
  11. Wummy

    OldSkool Mir

    Ye like old 3H and with the level Pk gain system :)
  12. Wummy

    OldSkool Mir

    Just look at the level soft cap... high rate lol
  13. Wummy

    Legend of Mir 2 Livestream on YouTube

    Died ages ago lol
  14. Wummy

    Hi im back

    Shadys back, don’t play Mir
  15. Wummy

    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    Subwall. 😂
  16. Wummy

    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    How arrogant.. seems like I’m 110% lying with how your speaking ;) please return back to a psychologist about the real way making money ;)and wasting other people’s money please. merry xmas :D
  17. Wummy

    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    ye i guess lol... its going down once people hit the level 70 or 80 lol... Gm is only active if hes receiving donations ;)
  18. Wummy

    Any Mir coming soon

    Maybe if you can tame it, it could be your pet ;)
  19. Wummy

    [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    @MiloFoxburr would be cool if you could add in some xmas trees and reindeers and some prezzies into game what gives out 40-50 items with good exp :p to help us level 40+ abit of a boost :P, other things you seem to be adding in seems nothing for level 30-50 seems like its gonna be a level 55+...
  20. Wummy

    [Approved] Server LIVE - CrazyPharaos HighRate Mir2

    i checked my spam folder and i got a message saying that if you download it now it will take until the 24th at 23:59:95Pm to download. i also heard that on the 25th at 00:00:10 Am it will be closed down @Hercules im expecting you to see more updates before then please, when is there going to be...