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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Phantom Mir III [King]

    Please do not flame... re-posting because thread is closed on ad... Does need a little abit of work here and there... but all in all, a good server, where the gms are constant improving the server... plenty of pvp/pk 15+ players daily... cud do with a few more tho to keep it interesting :P...
  2. [2.3] Someone Help

    Trying to get on Mir 2 Server Hidden Mist, I get past the login screen but then t just freezes does anyone know why? please
  3. allying guilds on kings

    whats commands to ally guilds please anyone ??
  4. a little help please

    Got a quick question my laptop is slowing down a lot when people are on my screen nd feels really laggy, These are my system specs: Windows Vista Home Premium. Service Pack 2. Manufacturer: Acer Model: Aspire Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00 Ghz Memory 3.00GB System...
  5. Samurai MIR3

    Name of Server: Samurai Type of Server: CD 3.55 Opening Date: within 2-3 days once client is uploaded. Exp Rate: x16 Gold: x2 Items: x2 Mobs: x1 start level : 12. starter kits given Forums: Download links via forum. Account Making: AMS Status: Alpha...
  6. Apocolypse Mir3

    Name of Server: Apocolypse Mir3 Type of Server: Mir 3.55 Opening Date: within 1-2 week Exp Rate: x128 mon gen: x2 mob reg: x2 start level : 7 noob starter kits given, 50k gold. Forums: AMS Page: Made through launcher Status: Open Beta: offline server...
  7. Ult Server Corput

    dont bother playing if ur english, the server not bad untill the gms found out we where english, banned pretty much right away!
  8. Ancient MIR3- 3.55. HighRate-Dedi!

    Name of Server: AncientMir3 Type of Server: - 3G 3.55 Exp Rate: x128 Gold Rate: x4 Item Rate: x4 Register/AMS Page or IP: via launcher Forums: Patch: WILL BE POSTED SOON AS WE UPDATED! all installation details are on the forum! PK is allowed has it is part of...