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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Will there be servers with 200 players online in 2020?

    Come on @Bon give us a possible ETA, Jan? Feb? March or even April at least let us know how long we should prepare our patience to be like :D
  2. Will there be servers with 200 players online in 2020?

    come back to warcraft until then, some pvp happening now so kinda fun lol
  3. new server

    It is based first on many things before throwing the drop rates those are the questions: How many bosses can drop this item? How long does it take for this boss to respawn? How easy it is to kill the boss? Is it soloable, group hunting? How hard is it to reach the boss? Was it a long road? You...
  4. new server

    That's a very small issue with many solutions to pick your favorite of, lets take Ben's servers as a resource as he's the best at balancing those HR stuff, the variety of kits most of Ben's server had the same sequence, a Standard kit each 10/20 levels, a legendary kit which requires low level...
  5. new server

    Well trust me your server would have had at least double the UC if it was HR, as been explained several times HR gives the player more of chances to feel the progress he is making as simple as making the player feels the levels itself, an advantage of skills like dash etc. a wider variety of kit...
  6. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    Nope but there is christmas one happening end of month still good to start now!
  7. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft

    For new players who were struggling at the new start after latest re-work of caves and a higher start level. Page one on teleport, bosses there now are easier to kill so you can farm your kit and gold up its something that been added yesterday so am just telling the people since many popped up...
  8. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    Well he did say he will have an eye on each class balance before lifting up the login gate, lets wait and see lol
  9. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    Server is bein reworked and should be back up starting from wednesday
  10. Whats up.

    No rush about but can you tell us probably around when you will have things done?
  11. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft

    Very nice event for new people out there and oldies coming back, waiting to see the new stuff for high level content!
  12. Legend Of Mir2 WarCraft. Discussion

    Great updates hope to see new faces coming soon
  13. Whats up. It was released by Ben and Hany and then when Ben found out he ain't have enough time for it anymore I think its when he decided to give up and then Hot showed up as far as I remember, but in the end it was released...
  14. Whats up.

    Welcome back Ben. Regardless with what files you will use I am not any kind of a pro regarding those matters, but as personally I have played all of your servers apart of 3h low rate, I would personally recommend a combination of those ideas which are sucked from all your previous servers...
  15. Dark zone Reborn Server (new Part)

    Decent server I would recommend for all High Rate lovers its worth a try tbh.
  16. Legend of Mir Vengeance

    Finally something promising. /Tearscream
  17. Any Mir 2 server ?

    Well I can't disagree about the spell things, you people got me wrong and took my words latterly to its meaning I never meant the features in the server to be compared to what Ben's server were about, what I meant is the engagement of the server content could be compared to Ben's when it comes...
  18. Any Mir 2 server ?

    If you're talking about unique features and coding I can't disagree with you, but I am speaking of content and different stuff you have to work on not just the standard 10 users server nowdays. So in content no it could be compared but in unique features Matt/Hany always been introducing new...
  19. Any Mir 2 server ?

    DarkZone is something to play I mean I don't see why people not paying much attention to it, not a huge difference between it and Ben's servers of course not as good as that but could be mentioned next to them servers that get huge attention.
  20. DarkZone Reborn [Crystal] Discussion

    Is there any possibilities to play in a correct window mode? I keep trying but it always not fitting the map with all type of resolutions it ends up being windowed but taking most of the screen.