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DarkSide Mir3

    @Wittin i've downloaded the client and made an account but it wont connect to the server, is it currently offline..?
  2. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    mir is a dying community ... making a pay to play server will reduce the user count, is that really a smart move, surely you want the most people you can have playing the server..? You seem to be missing my point completely dude
  3. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    since when was fifa subscription based? Lol
  4. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    my point is who is willing to pay for a game like Mir? Wow is also much bigger, thousands more players, my point clearly sailed over your head .... also there isn’t exactly a lack of other servers out or due out is there
  5. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    im back on chronicles at the min mate :)
  6. EuroReborn (Custom Crystal)

    instantly put off by pay 2 play in all honesty, its a 20 odd year old game, WoW subscription isnt much more, if it has a user count like euro did then maybe yes people will pay for it, but mir is far too dead imo now to start charging for it, also theres alot of servers due out or out that dont...
  7. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    Yeah I know valk and his team have put a lot of work into this, that plus the fact his first server was good is why I’m going to try it ... I’m pretty old school though I’m afraid and just prefer 3 classes
  8. Valkyrie Re-Launch

    Loved the first server but instantly put off by the addition of new classes this time ... hopefully you pull it off but history dictates that generally loads of classes don’t work that well, pain to balance etc etc, I’ll probably give it a try on launch though, all the best dude, /Apple
  9. Best mir 2 server

    At the minute there isn’t one lol, they all have like 20/30 user count, everyone just seems to be churning out cash cows at the minute 🙄
  10. Valkyrie.

    why delete his forum thread..? if this is a "mir community" why not ask said community..? seems fishy to me in all honesty, very poor reasons given by mods too, theres what 5/6 populated mir servers at best, did you need the space or something..? this is also the most populated server about at...
  11. SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    This is what I get lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    No mate, all I use my pc for is Mir pretty much, I have no problem what so ever running any other server though so it’s got me pretty stumped ... I’ll have another go in a min and let you know how I get on, might have just over looked something Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    I tried downloading this yesterday, downloaded and unpacked everything, when I ran the exe all I got was a white windowed screen that just turned black and did nothing there after I tried all the usual, run in compatibility mode, run as admin etc, I’m running on windows 7 and set up is more...
  14. Paragon Infinity [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Paragon Infinity Mir is there a live e.t.a for this yet..?
  15. Paragon Infinity [Crystal] Discussion

    Paragon Infinity Mir Just do an open beta mate, if people are too thick to realise that it isn't the finished product yet that's their fault not yours lol Also you'll have a much more successful beta test with more players too, 5-10 hand picked mates aren't likely to find as many bugs as...
  16. Paragon Infinity [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Paragon Infinity Mir This looks awesome so far guys can't wait to sink my teeth into something a little different from the ten a penny crystal servers that are popping up recently Is it going to be an open beta..? Looking forward to getting in game and playing [emoji1303] Sent from my...
  17. FiveHeroes [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: FiveHeroes Mir Server [Crystal] That never before seen boss kind of looks exactly like evil Mir to me lol? It's also in not that different a KR either lol That aside though I played this when it first launched but user count got abit stale..? Has it improved a little now..? What does the...
  18. Astral Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    Server looks good but I don't have the time to grind out with low rates these days unfortunately, all the best of luck with the server though [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Legend of Mir Galaxy [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: ~" Legend of Mir Galaxy *~ Hopefully it'll soon be up again then quite enjoying this server so far :)
  20. Legend of Mir Galaxy [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: ~" Legend of Mir Galaxy *~ guessing its gonna be down until morning then?