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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update: 3 New Kits for level 120 125 BDD has been added to huntcave ADVAssasinLord added with (M) items ADVMTK added with (M) items ADVDD added with (M) items ADVEvilLand added
  2. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update: New Player will start from level 60 LevelingMap Exp has been changed LevelingMap time has been changed to 15 min BossLand has been updated SpecialRepair has been added to SellAndRepair NPC HPPotion Regen tick has been changed New HP Potion Added
  3. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update: 2 new Hunt Cave TrollTemple DemonTemple Maps from LevelCave has been changed New Key for Leveling added ingame > GoldenKey 3 New Skills added ingame Warrior > ShadowStep Wizard > FireExplode Taoist > TaoAvalanche Potion Regen has been changed to x2 HuntCave exp from mobs has been...
  4. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Server UP
  5. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New host: CPU: eight cores Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3, E5-2630v4 or 4114 processor 30 GB RAM (guaranteed) New IP: Discord Channel
  6. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New update: ParaLord with nice PL items NumaTemple with nice mobs and nice EXP LevelingKey drop has been changed FrozenTemple mobs/exp increased SwampCave mobs/exp increased BDD exp adjusted New Patcher
  7. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    AutoPatcher Client Download Link:
  8. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Done server UP He was OFF because needed to fix something but now is up and ready to play
  9. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update: Added SkillUpgrade NPC Added ADV GuildBUFF GuildBuff increases at 2 hours Challenge Item can be claim from sz if u don`t have time to claim from cave NPC
  10. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Reboot at 3:00 PM UK time New Update: BDD added with alot off bosses BladeStorm dmg increased IceSword dmg increased ImmortalSkin changed Level 0 Reduce DC by 10% and increase AC/AMC by 40% Level 1 Reduce DC by 20% and increase AC/AMC by 60% Level 2 Reduce DC by 30% and increase AC/AMC by...
  11. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Server up
  12. [Suggestion] Awesome Server: Street Of Mir 2

    OO nice threads Thank You
  13. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    If u dont have Microsoft .Net Framework or Direct X Download from here
  14. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update StoneTemple Mobs increased ZumaTemple Mobs increased WoomaTemple Mobs increased PrajnaCave Mobs increased PrajnaTemple Mobs increased SpiderCave Mobs increased FrozenTemple Mobs increased SwampCave Mobs increased New Kit Mir Kit ingame LevelingCave with Key For a moment only...
  15. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Now i will try to make Lvling cave with key ...
  16. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    If i do this u can kill players without any problem with pets....
  17. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update Available now Level 90 and level 100 Kit are ingame Domain OF Heroes OrcTemple Spider Cave FrozenTemple SwampCave
  18. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Delete mir2test.ini and try again 1567343868 New Update next Week 3 New Hunt Cave SpiderCave FrozenTemple SwampCave 1 GroupCave OrcTemple 1 BattleCave Domain OF Heroes 90+ kit will be added to drop
  19. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    Server up
  20. StreetOfMir2 [Crystal] Discussion

    New Update: SabukWall command fixed CounterAttack Fixed CounterAttack at lvl 0 reduce 10% from damage and reflect to the attacker CounterAttack at lvl 1 reduce 15% from damage and reflect to the attacker CounterAttack at lvl 2 reduce 20% from damage and reflect to the attacker CounterAttack at...