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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Exsodius

    Servers? Players?

    Hi all, Lomcn it's been a while! Does anyone actually still play Mir 3? I've been reminiscing a lot lately about the good old Ignis and Global days, I do miss this game. Zentaur is still up and running but it's too late for me to play and compete on that (plus I imagine it's anti PVP) and I...
  2. Exsodius

    Destiny - Xbox One (Gamertag add)

    Hi all, Been a long time since I was last on lomcn, however I'm really looking forward to the Destiny release. If there are any Xbox One members that want to add me: liExodusil /Rich
  3. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Damage script

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a clickable item unleash firecloud. Currently the script works to a degree but only on 1 square. I would like the firecloud to have a larger radius (4x4 etc). The original script: #ACT MOV A0 %USERMAP MOV A1 %USERX MOV A2 %USERY FORMATSTR "%S,%S,%S," %A0 %A1 %A2...
  4. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Exodus Mir 3

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Exodus Mir 3 [Mid rate PvP Server] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Name: Exodus Server Type: 3.55 Start Level: 50 Starting Gold: 100,000 Exp Rate: X 2...
  5. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Fame ranking list

    I apologise in advance if this has already been covered and it's something I certainly thought many would have wanted yet couldn't find it using search >.< Does anyone know how to do a ranking list of fame? #1 Timmy 2000 fame #2 Bob 1600 fame #3 Herbert...
  6. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] MonAi - attacks in a stationary position

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can make a MonAi boss attack with the usual Fireline etc but NOT move (like RME,EC). When putting it's walkspeed and walkstep to 0, it just moves around at crazy speed (RME/EC have 0 WSpeed/WStep). The boss skin I'm using is the golden 'Hades' type one sitting on...
  7. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Talking NPC

    I recall from my mir 3 experiences a server that had a NPC that would display text locally automatically. I have asked the server owner but am yet to receive a reply so thought to ask you lot if you knew how this is done? I've had a play around with #speak etc but no luck :( Rich
  8. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Mobs won't spawn

    I don't understand why the mob "Oblivion" (or any mobs for that matter) won't spawn on my DQ2 map: The mob exists in my SQL and works when I @mob Oblivion. I've tried to narrow down the x y range to a single point of 1-5 mobs but that hasn't worked either, I've also tried spawning on a...
  9. Exsodius

    [CD3.55] Shape of M-Weapons6/7?

    I understand the corresponding images for shapes from 1-50: Weapons_1 Shape 0000 1 3000 2 6000 3 9000 4 12000 5 etc weapons_2 Shapes 11-20 weapons_3 Shapes 21-30 weapons_4...
  10. Exsodius

    [Holley] Map Viewer .dll errors

    Hello, I get the following errors when trying to open the .exe on Coly's map viewer: DarkRealms error: Any ideas? Rich
  11. Exsodius

    [Holley] English StrRes3G link

    Does anyone please have a working link to LS's english StrRes3G.txt? Sorted, thank you Coolaid.
  12. Exsodius

    [Holley] agt040d.hlp download?

    Could anyone please host this file please for me? I've looked online and it's proving difficult to obtain. I need it to install east asian language packs for Mir hosting. agt040d.hlp
  13. Exsodius

    Mir 3 high fps Graphic card

    Anyone that runs Mir 3 at a high fps (including SW/DMW etc) could they please list their computer specs.
  14. Exsodius

    Character Window KaoriMiM edit

    I have been designing a new interface (nothing major) which has all been tried and tested and found to be working fine. However when I edit both character windows (Q) in the GameInter, there is no effect in-game (I'm not using pure black aka invisible). Character bag changes are working. I...
  15. Exsodius

    SelGate errors?

    I apologise in advance if I've not given enough information: The problem: I can't click on the server. Gates: Ei_20061128 Information log: ready to load ini file.. TestServer :TRUE FreeMode :FALSE !setup.txt loaded.. SERVERTABLE :0/ SERVERTABLE :1/ loading...
  16. Exsodius

    Mutual Heal and Level 5+ Skills

    Is it in any way possible to reduce the amount mutual heal does? At the moment it's healing up to 5k which is clearly a problem. Is it possible to increase skill levels over 5? I'm struggling to find a way.