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DarkSide Mir3
  1. ChiliPepper

    Evils Map Maker

    Heres my map maker I've been working on for a while. Have fixed quite a few things from my last release and improved on it aswell. Fixed: Fixed the stack over flow so now you can use the tile and attribute fill on huge maps. Tested on a 1000x1000 map. Temp fix for the dodgey objects with...
  2. ChiliPepper

    Some maps for ya

    Some maps I made a while back for a server I was doing but sadly not anymore. No use me keeping them, hope you find some use for em. < pics here
  3. ChiliPepper

    My Map Editor

    Heres my map editor ive been working on. Its a bit updated from the last one in the other thread. Its not that great at mo but im working on it ;P.. Anyway heres what it features: - Can read the Tiles5 wil which TD's client supports and also can use the tiles from the wil. So you can now put...
  4. ChiliPepper


    Woo.. CabalOnline is soon free to play :D Anyone play Cabal / Gonna start, giz a pm in this thread! :D
  5. ChiliPepper

    Avalanche Server DM2

    I may go through with this I may not quite busy with work n stuff Files still need a bit of work but there near enough complete. - Exp rate x10 - 2 new skills for each class + (class group skills like shanda) + all the euro skills - euro monsters (inc foxes) + custom coded monsters ex. Monster...
  6. ChiliPepper

    CSS|HL2 wallpapper

  7. ChiliPepper


    Has anyone got a link for this..the official link is down need the admin side stuff tried searching no luck..
  8. ChiliPepper


    Anyone have the wil for the thunderbolt euro mir brought out but then changed back to the old one thx
  9. ChiliPepper

    Event Island

    a 400-400 map was just having a bit of fun with objects never used before lol and its actually first time ive used prajna water objects so they may be a bit of ;p RaGEZONE objects or whatever server that has those in needed for this map
  10. ChiliPepper

    TerrorTemple F1

    What ya think? - tis a killer to run ;P Was goona make the other floors huger and complex
  11. ChiliPepper

    map =p

    havent made a map in a while so what ya think?
  12. ChiliPepper

    mob sounds

    how does this work again? ive searched but cudnt get a decent find what i want to know is how i find the right number for the mob sound. i know there was some tool where you put in the Appr and it works the number out for you but i cant seem to find it. any help on this? cheers edit - ok i...
  13. ChiliPepper

    Interface:DarkSlayers by Shinigami

    Ive was suppose to release it a while ago but forget >.< Here it is Login Character Select Ingame Download Here Mirror Link
  14. ChiliPepper


    Havent made a map in a while so i was goona work on a new province type map and maybe add some new objects to it.
  15. ChiliPepper

    Two servers on one comp

    Is it possible if so how? cheers
  16. ChiliPepper

    Userlimit Reached

    Hey ok well i can get on my server just fine but when other people try it says UserLimit reached and disconnects them :( Ive tried changing the m2servers and the userlimit numbers in m2server and loginsrv but no luck If anyone has any clue on how to get working please help Thanks...
  17. ChiliPepper

    Storage will not work

    as title says my storage dont work :S i dont think the shops do either.. ive cleared the market_saved folder, put a %100 at the front of the script for storage, changed M2Server but still no luck :( Anyone help please ? Thx
  18. ChiliPepper

    Upload Site For Your Map

    Ok check it out here i changed it to like website thingy so its much more easy to browse Here thanks to jimmy with help for the site ;) just use .zip and .map files to upload rar cant seem to work some reason..anyone cud say problem it would be appreciated thanx
  19. ChiliPepper

    Site to organise maps and that

    ok made a site for it now so shud be alrite :P Here
  20. ChiliPepper

    West Bichon

    Um I though that sumin needs to go on the west of bichon so here it is im also doing caves and that for it. So some servers can add a bit of spice to their game :P