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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. xAxNxAx

    [Custom C# Files] Apocalypse Mir 2

    Can't wait to try this out and meet some old mir2 friends here . see you all in game /GeeK
  2. xAxNxAx

    The Ultimate Troll

    any news about this?
  3. xAxNxAx

    SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    Re: SabreMir [2.3] Just one question , when will be moved will be a wipe or somt?
  4. xAxNxAx

    SabreMir [2.3] Discussion

    Re: SabreMir [2.3] oh some good old memories, i will be in game in 2 days when im finish with my work.. CANT WAIT GeeK is coming :D
  5. xAxNxAx

    Rise of the Archons [2.6+] Discussion

    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords When did marble have a bunch of quest? Are u forgot what server u play or u just try to confuse ppl?? @jamie about solo/grp lvling areas its the same as in your server or you forgot about ppl complain they just get decent exp in big grps than...
  6. xAxNxAx

    Rise of the Archons [2.6+] Discussion

    Re: Rise of the Archons - Rule of the Arcane Lords Ive download last night the patcher and it was done in about 2h ..patcher works good for me
  7. xAxNxAx

    [Approved] UltraMir [2.6+]

    Im coming back to play this again.. /AnnE
  8. xAxNxAx

    LandOfHeroes [2.6]

    is this server up and running??if yes how many ppl playing here? PS: I downloaded full client/data/exe etc i tried all the ip's and nothing..all i got is connection closed..This thread shud be closed as this server is dead..
  9. xAxNxAx

    Slayzone [2.6] Discussion

    Re: Slayzone Mir Server [2.6+] Can someone upload autopatcher somewhere else??i cant download it :((
  10. xAxNxAx

    Zelious/Torozor [Heroes] Discussion

    Re: Zelious ~ Rise of Torozor An autopatcher or other download links would be nice coz mega dont work for me :( /AnnE
  11. xAxNxAx

    ~* Legend of Mir Gravity *~

    not live yet? pff its past 7:30
  12. xAxNxAx

    ~* Legend of Mir Gravity *~

    long time till up babe??cant wait to play :D
  13. xAxNxAx

    ~* Legend of Mir Gravity *~

    Server is a very nice one..Cant wait to be wiped and go live..see u in game AnnE :)
  14. xAxNxAx

    Sacred Mir V2 [Discussion]

    So this server is down or??worth downloading?
  15. xAxNxAx

    Slayzone [2.6+] Discussion

    any idea when server will be up??thx
  16. xAxNxAx

    Slayzone [2.6+] Discussion

    This is crap ..i can't make an account on forum coz i dont get the email..i can't acces this site to make a game account and ..when i tryed to log in it give me con closed after running autopatcher..any1 tell me what shud i do to play here.. any ip or somt like that...
  17. xAxNxAx

    Forged Phoenix Server

    Same here..Let us know a release date :P
  18. xAxNxAx

    SabreMir 2.3 Relaunch

    Just talk with GM and he's not gona be home untill 6pm and he gona solve the lagg issue than..His daughter rebooted the pc but didnt fix the lagg so wait ppl untill he's home..Thx <-- FB quote:) We need to wait ppl:P /AnnE Edit : Server is up and no lagg now lal :P
  19. xAxNxAx

    SabreMir 2.3 Relaunch

    yeah me and snap :P but i think all we lagged out
  20. xAxNxAx

    SabreMir 2.3 Relaunch

    20-30 at day.. night's and in weekend can hit 40 ppl too @sabre can u check this lagg...i got disconected and cant get in game..thx