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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Piff1

    Who gave me this dope as title.

    @SmavidDavid At least give me Capitals at the begin of words -_- Gotta go watch piff the dragon now fml.
  2. Piff1

    Aesir Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    Tried to post on Upcoming / Mir2 advert Aesir Mir thread but both locked and nothing in discussion yet. Where are you hosting from? Only getting 1.7mb per second off autopatcher, normally hit around 10mb per second :\ 1570705082 Nm it seems to have fixed itself.
  3. Piff1


    When you don't have a LOMCN account, you can only see like 5% of the information on the server, most things are " private " until you sign in, currently, 75 users online, 15 members, 60 Guests. About time u just open the forum up fully even if u don't have an account? Think how much traffic...
  4. Piff1

    zircon low rate.

    Can we get this added to the server list please? people think the old zircon is the new one lol.
  5. Piff1


    Why has the Server discussion thread gone and the usercount is no longer on the list? Some people don't use Discord and will need to get hold of Valk for problems, any reason's why the biggest / most active server has had it's thread / UC taken away?
  6. Piff1


    Why have you deleted my girl friends account for 0 reason? We live together so were on the same internet line... we can't get differen't IP's. Why not just message and ask instead of insta banning? So pathetic lol
  7. Piff1

    Why just lomcn ?

    I use so many Forums, blog websites, gambling websites. All sorts of ****. LOMCN is the only website that ever flags my anti virus / melware bytes. Been doing this for so many years, why don't you just fix it? How many people u think visit this forum with melwarebytes gets " Website blocked due...
  8. Piff1


    How did Zenatur get refused advertisement on " user count feature" but Arcadia is still allowed? 120+ Online right now, whilst 300 on Apoc and 170 on Zircon. Logged on to check, there not 20 people on there let alone 120. Tai be fair.
  9. Piff1


    Can he have his ability to negative rep people taken ? forth time now... greats admins ive mention this before tried to leak Zircon and split Lomcn community and hardly got punished stupid.
  10. Piff1


    They started showing real amount online ? 19 is more realistic than 100+ with 5 people in sz lol.
  11. Piff1

    Eden / LightBringer

    What are you doing? Why are you making the level 50s / stormhero even harder to catch ? Making mobs harder, Nerfing exp in area people level at... People been explioting Troll Boss you've done 0 about it. Your now taking Crit dmg / Chance out of game ..Once again all the 50+s gain.. If i log on...
  12. Piff1

    Eden elite.

    Light wtf have you done to healing circle? Whoever was moaning earlier was right... I was hitting 80s in RedCave before reboot.. Now with 15+ more sc ( got a new shield and stone ) i can't even hit 70s.. ( max luck hit ).. Revert it.. Server in a worst state than ever now.. 45s leveling X5...
  13. Piff1

    Ninja/Drake Stream

    Anybody catch that last night? Ninja broke the solo stramer view record duo with Drake last night then Squads with drake / Travis scott / Juju ( some NBA player ) Insane the people Fortnite are pulling into there game.
  14. Piff1

    Arcadia's User Count.

    Is it ****ed? Weird time for it to be hitting 160+ players with 200 on Zircon would of thought less would be on there seems it never loses users lol.
  15. Piff1

    Merry Christmas Lomcn.

    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays. Have a good one guys, Don't think i'll be active over Christmas so saying it early :P See yo'll on Zircon.
  16. Piff1

    Dual-Booting from windows 10.

    Can anybody give me a hand with this? Wanting to dual-boot Windows 7 onto Windows 10 but it seems different from when i Dual booted XP onto Windows 7. Could anybody give me a hand ? Is it Possible to Re-install Windows 7 over 10? Or will it not work as it's a downgrade? My Laptop came with a...
  17. Piff1

    Slayzone Discussion.

    No way to reply to thread could you please make a discussion thread. Thanks
  18. Piff1


    When you handing out the MostHated Trophy Tai ? Nobody has got one yet your going soft.
  19. Piff1


    Anybody know if hes still about? Anybody have form of contact ? Would love to get Insomnia / WeOwn to put up for a mess about for old timers untill something betters about. I'm pretty sure i may have insomnia files on a Disc somewhere but from what i seen on search he took the links down to...
  20. Piff1

    45-50+ Chronicles char.

    Anybody have one laying about i can buy or use ? Looking for something to play untill Paragon or Zircon and everything else is ****, Inbox if so, will pay a little more if its higher or kitted well.