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DarkSide Mir3
  1. IceSlice

    Wemade mir3 my char

    Hi i have just Quit wemade mir3 and have alot of kit on there and around 300m cash on there if u want any of this plz private message me on here thanks.
  2. IceSlice

    Connection problems.

    Right im currently having some problems connecting to my server from my other pc, havent got a clue what is causing the problem but other people can connect fine. Just when i load up the exe it comes up with Connection Closed. Any help would be useful guys :)
  3. IceSlice

    Retribution 2.3

    Hi Ladies and Gentleman Ive been handed the mir reborn server files to work with and use for the new server im creating. its basically mir reborn but with all the rubbish taken out and redone (e.g drop files on oks and stuff). Harry will still be part of the server but the updates will come from...
  4. IceSlice


    talk about MR here. Just so you know Woody you have no right to take the server down, you could have changed the xp per mob then put the server back up. Not have a hissyfit at people cos they were in there. 95% of the server didn't even know about it until u opened ur mouth like a prat and...
  5. IceSlice

    NPC Initialize Fail..

    Ok so i wanna get this server online and these 2 npcs i made wont initialize. I added them to my NPC_def under the names of Everything-0139 LevelBooks-0139 then into my TBL_NPC as 36 Everything 0 0139 50 51 0 27 1 37 LevelBooks 0 0139 50 52 0 27 1 Is there somewhere...
  6. IceSlice

    Adding Attacks To Mobs

    Hi, Just wana know if you can add attack images to mobs, to stop them flashing. I want Tadanga attack on a new mob, so i took the last images (Attacking images) added them on to the end of the new mob. But when it goes to use the magic attack, they are out of line. Any help apreciated, ty. /Harry
  7. IceSlice

    MiniMap +1 or -1 ?

    Hi as title says is it -1 number or +1 ?? ty /harry
  8. IceSlice

    -=*MirReborn*=- Are You Ready ?

    MirReborn Exp x 50 Drops - Medium - Rare Gold - Medium - Rare Stats - Medium - High IP: Forum - Use the forum instead of spamming this advertisement thank you /Killmaster Server Information New Caves, Temples Only 10 Euro Items remain Over...
  9. IceSlice

    How to bypass password ??

    Hi my m8 found a laptop on train, its got 1 account with password. Running on Vista any idea's how to get past it ?
  10. IceSlice

    MirReborn - Revamped

    MirReborn Is Back 2moro around 6-8pm. Server exp has been balances out, all caves balanced, drop files completly redone. All quests fully working, Along with new quests also. Loads more special kits ingame, along with over 200 new single rare items. Along with new maps for higher lvl's...
  11. IceSlice

    RME Quest (Holysword quest)

    hey could some one help me out please by sending me a working RME / holysword quest as i carnt seem to get mine to work at all please thanks alot :)
  12. IceSlice

    Server Member Needed!

    Hi, Been running MirReborn for 2 weeks now, and has over 25 players every day from 1-10 peaking at around 35-40. I am looking for someone trust worthy, and that can work on the server without getting stuck every 20minutes. Drop me a pm or leave a msg ty. /Harry
  13. IceSlice

    New tattoo.. cost $1440 9-12 hrs work 3-4 sessions $120 ph. Thats in aussie. in england its only 140 quid with 3-4 sessions of work :D But, they have changed the fkin law :O
  14. IceSlice

    Lol. look at the duud on the right kay. Hes got what looks like a maggot on his chin =]
  15. IceSlice

    Few Releases.

  16. IceSlice

    Character Items

    Hi, Changed files over cause i was using outdated version. Replaced "Eveything" server boots up and people can get ingame. But no spells,items,stuff in storage etc. Getting this error on DBserver see this FileDB get Error: 54 sql executing while other is active!(contact thedeath and warn...
  17. IceSlice

    Error Help plz.

    Hi, dont think its causing any problems ingame etc. But i like a error free M2server :P Any help apreciated. [02/12/2008 12:21:05] Format '%g' invalid or incompatible with argument [02/12/2008 12:21:51] Format '%g' invalid or incompatible with argument [02/12/2008 12:25:52] Format '%g' invalid...
  18. IceSlice

    Revival in town

    Hi, Been trying to fix this for a while. But never suceeded lol. p.s Its When you die the box that offers 2 revive u in town dont work.## p.s.s Im using td 2.3 files. They dont need any updating or anything do they ? Cause i also cant get the newest mob AI's working Like JC Tadanga...
  19. IceSlice

    MirReborn HomeZone (Kizza)

    All credit goes to Kizza. Nice map much apreciated m8 :)
  20. IceSlice

    Playing your server.

    Do you think its ok for the owner of a server to play it ? Would it make you think he was corrupt, if he got good kit,lvl ? Would it put you off playing the server ? 3 questions yes or no. Thanks.