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DarkSide Mir3
  1. meijiz

    cant find where to download oldskool

    have been searched around aand cant find the fking download link for this server
  2. meijiz

    zircon LR or Zed

    Wanna come back to play mir3 which one is better the new zircon or zed’s server
  3. meijiz

    Valk constant crash

    jesus, this constant crashes is killing the servers lost many exp buffs and nice drops due to it, fk it we r done with this buggy server
  4. meijiz


    The hype is real
  5. meijiz


    saw an ad on lomcn named legend of mir, and we can sign up for the beta testing, anyone know who’s the admin of that server? Any detail info about that server? Not seeing anything
  6. meijiz

    Maple story2

    Maple story 2 launches on 10/10 anyone tried it in beta? Is it worth of playing, any pvp system?
  7. meijiz

    News for this community?

    Anyone know any news about fresh start chronicle/ anyone have access to the files or marble V2, rlly interested playing these 2 servers
  8. meijiz

    new low rate mir2 server?

    Just wanna know is there any coder in this community planning to bring a decent mir 2 server, have seen the ad of artificial mir 2 have anyone tried the beta? How was it
  9. meijiz

    New low rate Mir 2 server?

    Anyone know if there's any new low rate Mir 2 server will be out soon, haven't seen a large user base Mir 2 server in a long time
  10. meijiz

    chronicle new server

    just curious is samuel planning to open up a new server of chronicle, or a similar well made Mir 2 server, must admit chronicle is probably the best Mir 2 server I have played~
  11. meijiz


    what do u guys think zircon's usercount when launches:D, and what classes r u guys planning to play
  12. meijiz

    Hoping to see a new well made low rate server

    We haven't rlly had a good low rate server for a long time, thought could play archon for a long period of time but lacking of the contents, unbalance between classes and prob the worst customer support decided to quit from that server but the population at that time was pretty decent. Rlly...
  13. meijiz

    Any low rate new server recently?

    We have around 30 ppl looking to join a new low rate server, is there any coming out soon? Don't tell me rise of clown fiesta Ain't gonna play dat crap server