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  1. stonecold316


    Is it possible to make a server , but block certain countries from accessing it ? am looking to make a mir server but ONLY for uk or english speaking players , the reason i ask is that i have noticed that most mir servers end up getting ruined by the roms , so in making it for the english...
  2. stonecold316

    Over paying for your tv packages ?

    📺 Insane TV 📺 Tired of over paying for your TV packages every month How about all these channels for £10 A MONTH or £60 A YEAR All you need is a Firestick/AndroidBox and your good to go !! FULL SUPPORT PROVIDED 📺 Full UK TV Package 🥇 Full Sports package ⚽ Live 3pm Kick off's 🧩...
  3. stonecold316

    windows 10 pro issue

    hey guys , I just downloaded eden server and i click on the client icon ,and thats about as far as i get , all that appears is a black box that fills half my screen , and nothing else , is anyone else having this issue ? and this is my version on windows 10 i have to go on the taskbar...
  4. stonecold316

    any private wow servers ?

    as title suggests are there any private wow servers about that are up and running , and playable , fancy a change from most of the stuff i been playing at the moment ? cheers
  5. stonecold316

    check my m8s band out and rate :)

    check my m8s band out up and coming band from south wales :) ty
  6. stonecold316

    Mythik's Mir 2 [Heroes] Discussion

    many users ?
  7. stonecold316

    [Heroes] Any1 help?

    Keep getting outta bonds error on my m2? i think its a npc or something. but i dont know >< any help?:#
  8. stonecold316

    [Heroes] Help kinda stuck with this.

    013 21:51:33 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:36 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:39 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:42 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:45 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:48 Numa Monk process Error 13/08/2013 21:51:48 Players Online...
  9. stonecold316

    [Heroes] issue with mobs

    im seeming to have some issues with mobs in game when using frostcrunch , on heroesfiles , with any pets that chars have , if the pets get hit by frostcrunch or even get hits by a mob like frost tiger or bonelord , they tend to rage and hit upto 8x faster , how can this be stopped ? any help...
  10. stonecold316

    Can Some1 be a star?

    Hi Guyz Im Looking For Holy Palace Map, With The Spiral Stir Case Etc, ( Not To Sure Thats The Map Name ) But its a Big Palace with 6 floors then KR, If Any1 Has This Id Be Ever So Thankful
  11. stonecold316

    [2.3] basic 2.3 mir files

    does anybody have a link to a fresh set of mir 2.3 files knocking around as there does not seem to be any viable links on lomcn on how to get these :) cheers ---------- Post added 16-06-2012 at 12:32 PM ---------- Previous post was 15-06-2012 at 11:55 PM ---------- its ok found some now
  12. stonecold316

    pc to tv problem

    i have just connected a pc to my 40 inch tv to use as a monitor and i have used a dvi to hdmi lead , but when i try to log onto a mir server it keeps changing to 800 x 600 @ 75p, my normal resolution is 1920x1080p but when i log onto game it goes down to to 800 x 600 p , on the screen though it...
  13. stonecold316

    little assistance plz :)

    hi there i have redone this script but at the bottom of the script u can upgrade items instead of gemming but , if u click on ac it gives u mc and so on , can sumone plz have a little look over this and tell me or correct where i been going wrong , i been looking at it for ages and i cant see...
  14. stonecold316

    adding more music

    hi there is there anyway to add more music to a npc : at the moment i have a npc that has got 6 tracks on it ok .... i put them 6 songs on by replacing the carol-songs 1-7 in the server wav list.... but when i tried adding more on so it would then look like this in the wav file ...
  15. stonecold316

    the next stage of love it seems ....

    just thought i would show you all sumfin to chuckle about lol god man what ever next lol !!!! hahahaaha
  16. stonecold316

    Ermmmm ...

    hi there im trying to make a lastmanstanding script here is the script : [@main] #IF CHECKHUM fs1 = 1 #act goto @champ #elseact goto @reject [@reject] #say You are not alone in this\ Room, Kill everybody before you can access me.\ \ \ \ <ok/@exit>\ [@champ] #IF HOUR 18 19 Min 30 59 #say...
  17. stonecold316

    a idea

    this might sound bizarre but im just wondering if its possible i was thinking of doing a quest where for instance : everyone in game collects items say for instance ermm gold chestnuts and once they reach a certain amount there is a invasion , but instead of a message coming up saying...
  18. stonecold316

    music in game

    can someone plz leave a little guide on how to change music files in game, the other explanations on here are bit outdated and one asks for wemade in program files which i dont have anymore i tried putting a song in the the wav file and changing the name of it to log_in_long2 but it dont seem...
  19. stonecold316

    gamepoint scrolls

    hi there does anyone know what the fld shape number is for gamepoint scrolls ? the one that decides what it will actually do cheers stonecold
  20. stonecold316

    gamepoint giving...

    what is the command or how would u right it on a script if u were to give someone gamepoints as a prize, or if someone wanted to trade items for gamepoints ? cheers for help in advance :) stonecold