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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. gitustc

    Lomcn test client

    Hi Experts, I downloaded and compiled this code, seems very old but still compile passed without error. Then I put the generated mir2ex.exe to a 1.45 client folder and tried to run but has no luck...
  2. gitustc

    is there any active c++ repo for mir3 client/server to contribute?

    I only know c++...
  3. gitustc

    door information in mir2ei .map file

    Im working on mir2ei .map file, for the cell strucutre: typedef struct{ uint8_t bFlag; uint8_t bObj1Ani; uint8_t bObj2Ani; uint16_t wFileIndex; uint16_t wObj1; uint16_t wObj2; uint16_t bDoorIndex; uint8_t bDoorOffset; uint16_t...