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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. nicofortune

    forum new layout/Skin

    i think this new forum skins mint lol best its had yet
  2. nicofortune

    Friends King Server Issue (Not My Server)

    ready to load ini file.. TestServer :TRUE FreeMode :FALSE !setup.txt loaded.. SERVERTABLE :0/ SERVERTABLE :1/ loading string resource... String resource loaded. StdItem.DB loaded. loading MiniMap.txt... MiniMap information loaded. loading MapFiles... 2:21:39:Read...
  3. nicofortune

    Working on a vipscript for kings

    Right im working on a vip script for kings so ive managed to get it to write a value in the vip level field now is the other part which is to write a date 7 days from the current date on the server anyone know the command to check the current date and possibly a way u can make it calculate 7...
  4. nicofortune

    Weapons etc

    I know how to get the looks of the item from kaori mim but how do you work out the shape and std mode and apperance if needed
  5. nicofortune

    ChaoticHeavenBlade help

    i have the ChaoticHeavenBlade in my database however it does not seem to have the crits and poison effect that it should have could some one give me the stat settings of one that works please also when u go into the q screen it has the flame glow on it and when u see the char it dont anyone know...
  6. nicofortune

    Kings wings/glows help

    Hi guys im looking for a full list of all the wings in king files i got these so far green wings : shape = 10 , appearance = 103 , looks = 965(M)/875(F) green glow : shape = 10 , appearance = 100 , looks = 985(M)/895(F) blue wings: shape = 1 , appearance = 105 , looks = 964(M)/974(F) blue...
  7. nicofortune

    VIP Item Help

    Currently i have made a item that adds 244 to all stats and only people with VIP can wear it however what i want is the item to dissapear automatically after a few hours can someone tell me how i can do this in holley 3.55 files Solved this issue
  8. nicofortune

    Glowing armour on holley 3.55

    does anyone know all the shapes for glowing and winged armour in holley files please thanks regards nicofortune
  9. nicofortune

    Holley 3.55 and Windows XP Pro 64Bit

    Anyone know if Holley 3.55 work on Windows XP Pro 64Bit or does it only work on the 32bit version
  10. nicofortune

    Holley server Exe

    Ages ago on lomcn i remember that someone was working on the holley server exe and they translated most of the buttons and made it so that they all showed on the exe and some buttons came slightly out of view did anyone release the work they had done as i cant find post via search anywhere just...
  11. nicofortune

    Rebirth Script Helley 3.55

    Rebirth Script Holley 3.55 hey guys i got my holley files working however its missing a working rebirth script has anyone got one that they could give me as ive tried scripting one and it aint working thanx i advance
  12. nicofortune

    Item Protection

    hey guys im looking for a script which i can use to protect the rings, neckys, bracelets, armour, weapons and helm and boots if possible i was hoping that one of you might already have one
  13. nicofortune

    Holley 3.55 Cracking

    Can some one tell me how to crack the holley server files to get them running thanks in advance
  14. nicofortune

    someone elses problem on server im gm on

    this person has problem seen in these images no texts on menus etc hes only person with this problem i wanna know if anyone knows what causes it server is running holley files and the clinet has 3.68 launcher only this player has this issue no one else does would appreciate if anyone...
  15. nicofortune


    I got the chaos, death, life and cosmos neckys in my server database however i have noticed that it has not got the looks entered in for them would some one be able to tell me what these are or what should be in each field for these items like the looks and stats etc does anyone know please...
  16. nicofortune


    just outta question to make a chb from a heaven blade u need the 4 necklaces which are chaos, life, death and cosmos however i dont think in the db they are called this does anyone know what the old names could be Please close this thread thanks
  17. nicofortune


    Not sure if this is the correct section if not mod please move but am i right on saying that wemade have made a server that dont cost to join
  18. nicofortune

    hey not fully sure where to stick this if its in the wrong section please move to right place Anyone know rough dates that demonoid open their registrations for getting a account with them or has anyone whos got a account already who would be nice to invite my via the...
  19. nicofortune


    How much is it in uk money to pay for a months subscription only ever seen the prices in the american dollors im going to be signing up for this game soon as i love it lol best game ive ever played in my life and very addictive
  20. nicofortune

    no-ip help

    right i got a dynamic ip which constantly changes and is annoying and i have installed no-ip basically i dont wanna have to keep telling players my new ip address ive done a search and cant find the answer i want a explanation of how to use it with my mir 3 server my address thing with no-ip is...