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  1. Help with eiserver.exe

    Ive searched forums and can't find any answers, i find people have had the same problem but no reply. Everytime i try to load eiserver.exe i get eiserver.exe has encountered a problem thing, then sen error or don't send. how do i fix this please? tryed upnp and no use. thanks
  2. quick question

    Why is it, mir3 lags on my pc highish spec? and runs fast on my laptop?? i run on a 6000duelcore 64bit amd. 8800gtz gfz. 4gigram and it lags? whats going on lol!
  3. Hi, Rungate prob

    Hey i have no idea whats wrong as ive coped my files "without any edits" run on another pc, and the server has worked fine. However when i run it on the pc i want to, the rungate wont close! anyideas? i run nortan firewall, and evan when i do "disable auto protect" i still get same resaults, i...