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  1. Retribution Mir [Crystal] Discussion

    Re: Retribution Mir Another Toddwhite server, must be skint again.
  2. Rise of the archons...

    My better half received an email from this the other day. I have only used her email for Mir to make a chronicles account and it was way after the security breach that happened early days. So.. Maybe this is Sam's new venture (lack of activity on chrons would explain) Maybe a collaboration...
  3. Hello

  4. Legend Of Mir: Redemption - Discussion

    I would advise people looking to play this server to ensure using unique account details (Should do this anyway). Also be weary of disclosing personal information when creating accounts on this server. Noisound = JackDaniels from Chronicles. Happily steals from friends, more than likely happy...
  5. Retribution Mir [Crystal Files]

    Would this have something to do with your resolution?
  6. Retribution Mir [Crystal Files]

    Todds keen for a few ££ ready for xmas lol
  7. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Re: Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2] I imagine it will be filled with lots of mobs that drop moral rings and the like.
  8. What era was you favourite time and biggest regret on mir2 euro

    I hope this thread develops, i love reading about old Mir stories. I remember the first ever lord spawn event on Dragon and my sis being lucky enough to get onto a Muscle Ring in safezone... waiting 2 minutes to pick it up lol. Was a pretty big deal at the time!
  9. Who do you miss the most?

  10. [Approved] Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2]

    The event was great fun but what Raz said in his post is bang on.
  11. [Approved] Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2]

    I notice that the 'Members who have read this thread' box is in order of join date and I'm the third oldest member to have viewed this. Go me. On topic. Cant wait.
  12. [Approved] Legend of Mir Chronicles [AceM2]

    Only thing that could make the server fun again imho is a complete re-start, re balance of classes and a review of drops.
  13. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    Will check tonight, thanks for the suggestion I hope it works.
  14. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    Anyone else having troubles running this on Windows 10?
  15. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    I have no other Crystal clients so I cant test sorry =/
  16. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    I have, didn't make a difference unfortunately.
  17. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    No idea what my issue is but my laptop isnt agreeing with the client at all. Soon as I get in game i instantly lag out. It then takes 3-4 minutes to exit the client and my laptop goes a bit do-lally. Im running windows 10, 8gig RAM, 1.7Ghz (2.6 turbo) 1TB HD (2 years old) I have no trouble...
  18. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    Managed to log in (freezes after the character selection for ages). Lagged out after 4 seconds... tried about 5 times.
  19. Legend of Mir ORIGINS [CrystalM2] OpenBeta

    Great advert, I still remain sceptical (with regards to experience rate) but I will most certainly be giving it a go.
  20. ORIGINS [Crystal]

    I've just noticed whilst on your website that Beta will be starting at level 40. Whats the reasoning when the first few weeks or months of the release people are going to be playing an untested 0-40?