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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. Patan

    Account and installation guide Chinese Mir 3D

    made another account, with phone number as id: and get this error
  2. Patan

    Account and installation guide Chinese Mir 3D

    hey thx to you got manage to get an account, i used personaly account with name and pw, whjen i login i get this 2 messages... dunno what to do ^^
  3. Patan

    Content Update: Legendary Eternal (Mir 3D)

    i tryed this but get the GPK update fail error after that gamne starts and i get this screen, no char selection so. think wrong version or anything ?
  4. Patan

    [Zircon] Merciless Mir

    waiting to test this too, looking good =)
  5. Patan

    Server Discusion

    Heyo, Just Wondering why you (thedayidie) change the entite mir3 Advert Style, i dislike it. 2 threads about the same. I think i didnt found a rule why? Checked mir2 section its still normal. If its couse trash talk Rhein punish the trash, some spamer are writing useless stuff in every...
  6. Patan

    [Zircon] MoonX Mir 3 - Coming Soon™

    LOL 😆 waiting gor the Night Gaming Session 😀
  7. Patan

    [Zircon] MoonX Mir 3 - Coming Soon™

    Companion skins as rare Drops ? 😀
  8. Patan

    [Zircon] MoonX Mir 3 - Coming Soon™

    Looking forward for a Server with Own Features. Hope you get your pvp tests done fast. My bet: you can Balance is as Much as you want, It Never keeps perfect, anxthing will change and ist Chances Balance :)
  9. Patan

    I'm Your Mir3 Moderator

    hehe gratz and hf :)
  10. Patan

    [Zircon] InsanityMir3 Discussion

    Wow, i will try Bichon Cave 1 😛 Able to see Them in skillbook?
  11. Patan

    [Other] Mir Evolution Public Test Server

    30kb/s loading .... when its downloaded (next week or so :D) i will try abit out :) edit: kk got full dl speed now :)
  12. Patan

    [CD3.55] HolleyDBServer

    you have 32bit windows ? to setup obdc for 64bit is abit different.
  13. Patan

    [Holley] BingGooo doesn't work

    isnt it [Global] instead of grobal ? ^^
  14. Patan

    [King] Database From Kings!9cYmmSrI!G-c1a1nDsSYB6Dp6JAJ-9xBF7jcyk9FbW84lA3qWbDo
  15. Patan

    [King] Error With Restore Database

    you are using msql2k ? database files for 2k too ? i think there are files around for msql 2005 too. so check if you have right version of files. its just an idea, not the solution :D
  16. Patan

    Legend of Mir 3 Hell Server

    hm, lvl 22 tao now, no more "starter pet" just a zombie as tao pet now. starter pet was able to solo bosses and now ? :/
  17. Patan

    New chinese mir3 with sins server meant to be coming online next week

    guide ? Oo wich guide ? yesx i ignor the patching error but its loading up to 6 mins...
  18. Patan

    New chinese mir3 with sins server meant to be coming online next week

    waiting for invite in qq group now ... i have probs with hackshield Oo its loading like 5 mins and sometimes accountlogin starts, sometimes i get error about hackshield ... using win 7 64bit