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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
  1. deano13

    Albion Online

    Anyone here playing this game? Seen it’s F2P now and thought why not, turns out I enjoy it lol so jw if there’s any fellow players amongst us!
  2. deano13


    Any freelancers about on Xbox one?
  3. deano13

    Unreal engine 4 mobile Mir

    Anyone got any more information on this? Hopefully comes to our region
  4. deano13

    Mobile dungeon crawler

    Anyone playing KingsRoad? Diablo style game but it's cross platform everyone can play together ios, android, pc, Mac
  5. deano13

    Smite beta coming to xbox one soon! Who's excited :D
  6. deano13

    Thoughts on this laptop?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop, pound for pound this is best laptop on the market for the price, iv compared the gcard 780m up to 880m and its better if not on par, obviously the gtx900+ are better but then your talking £1300+ Anyway, thoughts on this? [*=left]Screen size - 17.3 in -...
  7. deano13

    Blue screen on boot up

    For some reason I don't why I decided to disable everything on boot up... Why God only knows I'm an idiot...What I done was change boot settings to 2 cores and maximum ram, I then went to the next tab and choose disable all on boot up, it then prompt me to restart, and now all I'm getting is the...
  8. deano13

    Order and Chaos Online

    Mobile/tablet MMO Any iOS players here? If you haven't given it a try it's well worth it, free in the app stores, thousands of players. This is order and chaos online the mmorpg like WoW, not heros of order and chaos which is there other game like LoL
  9. deano13

    Arcane Legends, mobile MMO

    Any one from lomcn playing this little awsome game? It's baisically WoW on any apple/android device, an absolute amazing little game tbh, creators are spacetime studios, can find it in the app stores, abit about the game here If anyone plays or is thinking of...
  10. deano13

    Gaming monitor

    So this monitor fits into my £150 budget nicely, the ASUS VS238H-P, but I was just wondering if any1 can find a better for under £150? Asus VS238H-P 23 inch WideScreen 2ms 50,000,000 :1 VGA/DVI/HDMI LED LCD wall mountable
  11. deano13


    Been playing this while waiting for the new acem2 server and I'm totally addicted to it now, any1 else playing? alot of people claiming it's a rip off of LoL, now I'm a fan of LoL and smite wipes the floor with it..
  12. deano13

    nVidia and scaling Mir

    Dno if any1 has had this problem and managed to resolve it, but if you have please tell me how lol... The only game that won't scale probly is Mir, I have a 19" Hp monitor and when playing Mir I just carnt get it to run full scale, it will only run in the square mode asif it's a 15" monitor...
  13. deano13

    Virgin Media Secruity

    Everytime i boot my pc up my virgin media secruity deletes the mir exe's and its starting to proper piss me off... iv only just got this and i dno how to use it, so does any1 here no how to set it so it dont delete my exes -.-
  14. deano13


    Can any1 upload a 2.3 exe plz, prefably for Insane mir?
  15. deano13

    Skill Effects

    Looking for just the normal skill files please, i mean the normal graphics file, coz im sick of all these new skill looks n that on servers n i just want the normal effects like norm FS, Shield, Fwall etc etc, ne1 no were i can get em or wht files i have to change i carnt memba? Effect.wil n...
  16. deano13

    Mir Revenge [Best Server]?

    Has over 225 players on almost everynite, well fort out server tbh. any here that hasent tryed it, then do so /deano13
  17. deano13

    Eragon 1.4

    any got forum or exe // dwnload for this plz i wanna try it out
  18. deano13

    Olymp 1.4

    gd server guys needs some more peeps tho come on n give it a go rele good msg me in game ill be on /ikickass
  19. deano13

    Olymp mir 2

    this may be a 1.4 server but its a fuking gd 1 give it ago just need a few more players anyways if u come on give me a msg im sure ill help u out if im on /ikickass /daredevil
  20. deano13

    Olymp down?

    jw for any1 tht plays the server can any1 tell me how long its been down 4 and wen is it bk up? was online at 7:30 today