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  1. LightBringer

    Path of Exile - Heist

    Anyone looked into this league / thoughts? Finally looks like a league that I can get fully into for once!
  2. LightBringer

    Questing, is it a big deal?

    Because I like to post a lot, and pick peoples brains. Do people enjoy questing? Can too many quests be overwhelming? Can too few quests put people off? Its just im really pulling back on the amount of quests I am doing, solely because, last server, we had a tad too many! (also no duplicates...
  3. LightBringer

    Temp Buffs or Auras

    in TPR we used SS/BA/UE as Auras. They were always previously castable temporary buffs For people who didnt play TPR Auras worked as follows: applied the same buff but in a range from the Tao, you would gradually lose mana (per active aura) - this eventually balanced out so your natural mana...
  4. LightBringer

    Why Do you Quit?

    So as I am working on a new server I want it to last infinitely longer than my other server (even though it did reach the 1 year mark) I would like to have a server people can continually play for years. So I am asking a rather open question, what made/makes you quit servers? I will be...
  5. LightBringer

    Skill Books / Auto Learning

    So I just wanted some feedback on a featurette within spells. Similar to TPR I currently have it set so classes learn their skills up to level 30 automatically (the standard spells, anyway). Spell books still have a purpose of having a chance to auto level up your spell to the next level (as...
  6. LightBringer

    Global Announcements on Drops

    So this is something I am always on the fence about; what do people feel about the global announcements when you pick up rare items so it says "playername has picked up rareitemname"? Do people prefer it all to be hidden or do people like it enabled for some sort of transparency?
  7. LightBringer

    Drops vs LootBoxes

    So after playing OldSkool, the majority Lootbox approach was quite a different feel (never played a server that way before) It was quite a refreshing feel to open boxes, rather than just getting stuff just dropping on the floor as it stands. Out of pure curiosity what do you guys prefer...
  8. LightBringer

    Map Maker...?

    If anyone about that wants to create a few maps (and what their costs are)? Looking for some custom work for a few smallish areas that need a specific touch (and I am still learning with this map editor, so the maps are something to be desired)
  9. LightBringer

    2 Random Questions

    Someone had a village called Mizu Village, anyone know the mapname? Also Was Marble only 3 heroes?
  10. LightBringer

    Windows vps... or 1 that lets me install my own OS!

    So I'm looking to move my test environment as the host is a pile of shite Anyone know of any good hosts that dont ty charge you like 30quid extra a month for a windows license? I dont need anything flash as it's for my test environment only.... cheers
  11. LightBringer

    In Game Music

    So I am working on a fully custom library of music; and was curious, if the music was actually good (and fitting to the environments) would you keep it turned on? I want to know this as, personally it makes a big difference when I play but I play with music on. I would also look to add a...
  12. LightBringer

    Archer Queries / Ideas

    Just see Archers appear in conversation from time to time, and I am quite curious to what people think of them as a class, what did servers do right with them (and where did they fail with them?) I also have a few ideas on Archers and basically make them stand out a bit more > Would like...
  13. LightBringer

    Nostalgia vs New Content

    So recently I have seen various peoples feedback on servers / upcoming servers etc. From new servers, do people still want that old Nostalgic feel of Bichon Wall, Mud Wall and all the caves; or are they looking for the Mir Gameplay with a completely new layout?
  14. LightBringer

    Should Spells "Miss"?

    So I have always been torn, should Spells be able to "Miss"? You can block them if your defence is better than their MC/SC, however most things don't seem to take Agility into account. So this would mean that range PvP would mean you could dodge range spells. Obviously accuracy will be more...
  15. LightBringer

    Snow Maps

    Does anyone know the Map names for snow maps / Christmas style maps for Mir3? I have the Zircon client but not really sure where to start looking, unless I go through them all )B
  16. LightBringer

    [Request] Christmas Mobs/Maps

    Other that the ones on the wiki, does anyone have any Christmas Monsters/Maps that they don't mind sharing with me? Map wise I only have 2 (and would like more!) WINTEREVENT_1.Map and WinterMap1.Map Thanks in Advance!
  17. LightBringer

    Is CoD Worth it?

    Not played a CoD in years, and this one has kinda peaked my interest, is it worth a bash? The 175GB of free space required made me lol (its not a problem, but jesus christ!)
  18. LightBringer

    "Skull/FloatyHeadThing Mob...

    Does anyone have that PurpleSkull/Demon/FloatyHeadThing Apoc had for their Event. Got a few new mobs and wanted to see if I could get ahold of that one, before tomorrow evening ^.^ hah
  19. LightBringer


    So its been thrown up as an idea to implement it into TPR. However what is everyones understanding of how the original Battle Grounds works? as I can't remember jack about it, and would like to know so I can scope it out!
  20. LightBringer

    Achievement System...

    So we are working on an Achievement System. It sounds daft but would this kind of feature draw you back to a server you left? we are currently adding in the fundamentals to our source and just curious to what peoples opinions of it were There would be stuff like Kill X Gather Y Use X Gems...