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  1. Online book about playing LoM2 in Cafe shop in China

    I found this weird LoM2 story, no idea if its known around here or if it will be of interest. It may help to read first several pages, then jump to Chapter 226...
  2. Would be neat to have these effects in mir

    These fireworks, or the snow falling it replaced.
  3. Icons in Server Status panel

    Why some servers have different icon in the panel where you can see how many are currently logged on? I would guess that 'the other' icon, less common in there, is the mir3 icon but that doesn't seem to be true. Ruby server is advertised as Crystal client but it has this different icon from the...
  4. mirfiles domain expired

    just a heads up to whomever it concerns -->> "This Domain Name Has Expired "
  5. [Release] Mir3_20080123f Maps Screenshots for viewing in browser

    Never played Mir3 and was curious about maps, spent couple evenings on it while watching tv on side, opening then in Crystal map editor and making screenshots of them in decent size, then exported the collection to html for viewing in a browser. The map folder with orig maps is included since...
  6. Two (or more) Trade Merchants on server

    server owners fight TM 'congestion' by shortening the item expiry period which means that lower level items consigned in the early life of the server are no longer available later on when most server population moves into higher levels and the new pple joining the server later on have to fend...
  7. Can Crystal server owner restore deleted char?

    Can Crystal server owner restore char that was accidentally deleted?
  8. Which image uploading site

    is free and allows you to see the uploaded picture here in posts directly, that is without going to visit some link? We have very punny 3MB limit here, that's why I would like to upload elsewhere.
  9. Thread Mir2Happy got somehow messed up

    in Forum: MiR 2 - Server Advertisements Maybe because some Korean char posting or something?
  10. Since the server thread is locked

    and I believe my problem is universal, maybe not even specific to crystal files (FiveHeroes server), I ask here. Pressing R opens this skill menu in upper left corner but in my case it opens to mode '2', that is only skills Ctrl-Fx are visible. How to switch it so it shows the skills assigned to...
  11. Re - MinionBoB offer to level on chronos

    Thanks but I quit for other reasons (to do with the server, how it is run), nothing to do with slow/hard leveling. It was slow and therefore hard because of motivation, state of the server (one of which was TMerchant and resulting unfriendleness of server towards low level pple, last drop then...
  12. Rt -> rlt

    years back when I was checking on chinese mir servers I found them so populated that in town in peak times you couldn't get out of SZ otherwise than using RT, you just couldn't walk out through the thick crowd in town. But RT meant landing all over the whole province and that gave me idea of RLT...