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  1. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    It is friendly to new players - you can start fresh and reach top 5 of a class within a few months if you geek it out. Logging ingame and typing @boost gets you to lvl55 instantly, level 3 all skills(up to lv55) and gives you a kit to get started, if you have kit here already you can reach...
  2. [Approved] Chronicles [AceM2] Discussion

    Wizard Hp is fine - you must compare it to the hp of the other classes. Re. Approved badge - this server is rock solid, if someone new or old starts mir they can play this server and not worry about it disappearing in less than a year.
  3. how did bullpit level up so fast on euromir?

    Krondor. He was the best tao on phoenix for a long time. (imo) Hello everyone. I hope you are all keeping well!✌
  4. Koriban - Lomcn's retarded child

    "Can't wait to see all the SD cries about spirit set when I get it" Gets his ass kicked by SD wiz in normal elite weps..this is probably why you're here.. I bet you're shitting yourself now. 😂 The economy will settle again. Stop flapping.
  5. Koriban - Lomcn's retarded child

    I had 2x elite weapons luck 4 earlier before 90% of the server had 1x on their main. New content = new kit. You should know this by now. ---------- Post Merged at 12:51 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 12:48 PM ---------- Yea like your suggestion to buff the Spirit set stats was was a...
  6. Koriban - Lomcn's retarded child

    Hi I'm someone. If you're actually playing the game and didn't grind a lvl 30 cave forever, these feel like high level content. Good luck to everyone on making a decent one by first of all gaining 100mil + template cost and then second of all pray that you roll nice stats. Inb4: I said this...
  7. usercount?

    Hey - were you Ventus/Nguyen on euro Phoenix server? Edit. Meant to quote ^