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  1. robhw

    [Zircon] ~~Vanilla~~ Low rate server (trying to make Europe/global original Mir 3)

    I always enjoyed playing Europe and Global Mir 3 to the point were lately I have hosted my own server with a couple of my friends so we can play together like we used to with low rates and enjoy the grind. I don't like the parts system of items, I feel like it takes away that dopamine rush you...
  2. robhw

    A poss Patch?

    i play RND at the current time but want to go on to offical sever, but i cba with the 4hour d/l. is there a few things i can d/l to avoid the big d/l?
  3. robhw

    wizzard leveling

    sorry dont want you thinkin i have changed my mind from assassin to wizzard this is a joint account between two brothers hes assassin im gonna be wizz could some 1 post a lvling guide from lvl 0-44ish if they got the time i just wanna no where to go at certain lvls as im normally a warrior...
  4. robhw


    As this is the new class are there hundreds running about? Have seen threads made about which class players will be but not one that focuses on how many there are already. I really want to be one but don't want to be one of 3000 running around. JaY
  5. robhw

    setting up a server

    after doing the rest of mapledens guide it says this when trying to load the armadilio patch: "windows cannot access the specifided device, path, or file you may not have the appropriate persmission to access them." forget bout the 2 links i have sorted that all info on this will be a great...
  6. robhw


    This server is still looking for a host which will hopefully be done by the end of this week and the server should also be up by then. The rates of the server are not decided yet beacuse on the forum there is a thread for the players to decide what they want the rates to be. Also there is on...
  7. robhw

    Is it possbile to run 2 clients simulatneously?

    I have seen may people carry this out on any servers and i wandered why i couldbt do it, is this because it is a cheat of some kind or something my pc wont let me do? any information would be greatly received thanks in advance
  8. robhw

    Problem when trying to connect to avenge

    i have downloaded all necessary patches, mobs patches and new map patches and the new client. I have posted on the server forum but nobody answering me. When i click connect on the launcher a pop-up says please landers of the legnedary three catalog go up in smoke anyone have any ideas?
  9. robhw

    need help on server

    if you no any thing about setting up a server mir3G and dont mind lending a hand please ad me on [email protected] to help me thanks soz i posted wrong place lol but still if you do know how please lend a hand
  10. robhw


    As i am new to this would someone explain to me the difference, if one exists, and where i can find these files. All the links i have clicked on in the forums seem to be dead links now and produce no contents. Thanks in advance whoever may be able to help.
  11. robhw


    hi as i sed the console.txt which is in the setup file is all in chinese i used the search and found some post by Kaori but when ever i try to use them it says the file is to big any1 no y?
  12. robhw

    Error while unpacking program, code 5-9. Please report to author.

    after i type in a key and name for the "enter key" pop up when a click on cruel dragon i get the above error? searched and no1 else seems to have this problem.
  13. robhw

    I cant download LOM3 file

    i have tried downloading the main file of lom3 but it wont let me my laptop just cannot find the webpage. However, i can download other files such as clients. Any one else had this problem or does any one have any ideas to the cuase of the problem? Thank you in advance, Rob
  14. robhw

    where are mir 3 files?

    i have looked around the web page for the mir 3 files to make a lom3 3.68 server (same type as rnd pro). But cant seem to find where i get the files from to start it could some one pelase say or leave a link on where to get them please thanks
  15. robhw

    making sever

    hi i am making a sever the reason that there have been some posts by me already is because this account is shared with 5 people any way i am the dumbest of the 5 and was wondering how to make a sever the other 4 no but i wanted to get a head start so please help me the sever is goin to be the...
  16. robhw

    armor skins and glows

    i have no idea how to make armor skins and glows can some one leave a link here please and also tell me what program i would need to use that file/link