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    Anyone need to buying gold or levelers in artfical let me know or anyother server.
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    Avoid Legend of Mir2 Psychology.

    -Happy New Year- Welcome to Psychology Server. -GameMaster is - Psychology -Server Rate: Med Rate -Server Live Date: 4 January - Download Full Client: **REMOVED** -Join Our Discord For latest new- -Discord Channel- Join the Psychology Mir2 Discord Server! **REMOVED**...
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    merry christmas

    merry christmas all. Hi .i talk about my server i told this before . But when I spoke before, she was not ready But is now ready and testing it with my guys. This some information for that server. Name Server Psychology. Med rate. Start level 1 and Level cap 80. there Two City one for Start and...
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    Hello gentlemen

    hi all my friends Please help anyone who has files EdenElite Please Help Me get it upload files server and Client . And thanks I hope that I will not be annoyed anyone.🙃
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    hi guys

    anyone can help me i need anything to show me maps files like mapedite
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    Guys i need MapEdtior any help !
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    hi guys i wana to buying host for good prics and work good for the server anyone know anything about that!
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    Revenant Legend Of Mir2 Massacre

    hello everyone new for my game that difficult but not so difficult that I up over Finish soon Friday i will post some the information Legend Of Mir RevenantMassacre
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    Return EdenElite

    Hi guys tommor have to open Server EdenElite and make that more easy . n and add some new Settings
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    Mir2 Merge with mir3

    i will not take along time of you guys i have a work in files crystal but game will Merge with mir3 half crystal and half mir3 info will put soon