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  1. daneo1989

    Laptop Advice Please :)

    Currently searching for a new laptop, which must be able to handle playing Mir, D2 Remastered. Okay downside, Must be capable tobe Charged via a 24V/12V HGV Socket. preferably USB-C capable charging, been looking at the HP Spectre range but prices are crazy.
  2. daneo1989

    Query: Crafting

    When would people want crafting to be implemented. Early on low level? Mid or late
  3. daneo1989

    [Request] Converted Magics

    Afternoon peeps, I'm currently looking for the following converted magic, MassThunder (big during 1.9 files) Tempest
  4. daneo1989

    [Release] BDO - Production Material Images (.BMP)

    I have 2022, Production Material Images, in .BMP format. These have been taken from Black Desert Online client, Image Size = 36x30 You will have to import into your own client with possibility of changing some x,y to suit a image. A lot of images will be useless but they do have some nice...
  5. daneo1989

    [Request] Map Request,

    Does anyone have or know the Map ID for the map in the screenshot below? the latest KR Mir3 client i have doesnt have maps files, on Map.Dat
  6. daneo1989

    Prefered Map Type.

    With a number of new servers coming online, Thought I'd get people's opinions on which Map Types people prefer using. This also gives a good reference on what type of maps people like playing for new upcoming servers. New WeMade (Mine has few edits) New Shanda Old WeMade (EURO)
  7. daneo1989

    Mir Chronicles Blast from the Past Review.

    Just came across this via Youtube.
  8. daneo1989

    Korean Mir Map help,

    Hello peeps need some help on the official korean maps I've come to a halt until I can find out the proper information HellOverPass, (NPC) to teleport over the void? (Must be Grouped? and have a certain item?) HellOverPass -> IceTemple? what's the other cave...
  9. daneo1989

    Korean Mir / C# Set Names

    Right lady's n gent's in need some opinions and suggestions on renaming current set names. 1.Whisker (Boots/Belt) 2.Hyeolryong (Helmet/Boots/Bracelet/Ring/Belt/Necklace/Armour) 3.Monitor (Armour/Helmet/Glove/Boots) 4.Oppressive (Necklace/Ring/Bracelet) 5.Paeok (Helmet/Belt/Boots) 6.Sulgwan...
  10. daneo1989

    End Game Features,

    Hello people. Can I have people's opinions what level should end game features start. 1. 40 2. 50 3. 60 4. Other I would post a poll but dunno how. Admins if you wouldn't mind please
  11. daneo1989

    Lastest Korean Client + Maps

    Hello ppl, dose anyone know why the lastest korean maps + tiles/object's don't work properly when opened with a map editor? (Using the map editor from Ruby) Also dose anyone know what map Mines Town is? which leads off from Woomyon_Woods Thanks in advance.
  12. daneo1989

    Lastest AppleM2 Source(

    Hello Lady's and Gent's heres a release of the latest AppleM2 Source from Credit goes to 84785238 for sending me these. I have been struggling to get a working set of Files. (MirServer) and getting an client which will also work. Heres the Download...
  13. daneo1989

    PS4 vs XBOX One

    Well Ladys n Gents with both console's finally been revealed at E3. What do you guys think to the next generation of affordable gaming console? Feature PlayStation 4 Xbox One Wii U Price $399.99 [1] $499.99 $349.99 / 299.99 Optical Drive Blu-ray/DVD [2] Blu-ray/DVD [3] 25GB Optical Disc...
  14. daneo1989

    Want to Buy Account. EU

    Hello as title says, not sure if im allowd todo this, if not feel free to delete. but Buying a account PM with a price. Ancient
  15. daneo1989

    Little help please.

    been looking for a map called province) if anyone knows where it can be downloaded please let me know thanks
  16. daneo1989

    Looking for help, Please!

    Hello been away from the mir2 making scene for over a year now, with me having Windows 7 x64 I havnt been able to get 2.6 or 2.3 working lookin for somone to help me setup 2.6 mainly on my computer i will give team viewer access thanks ancient. EDIT: before anyone starts ive gone through...
  17. daneo1989

    Final fantasy xiv

    anyone gonna pre-order this for the 22nd? Never play FF but heard FFXIII was good. gonna try it :)
  18. daneo1989

    New PC has Arived.

    still trying to figure how to change the fan speeds but changed the lighting FX :) just about download Aion Infi tryd adding as a photo but aint working darn