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    Atlantis Mir 3?

    Hi, Saw a post and the user got banned, but there is no post on how to connect to the server?
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    TheProphecy (Euro Dragon)

    Anyone Know if any of these guys are still about??/ I was in TP would like to know if anyone is about. Just stumbled across the site that's still up 17 years later :) I'm in the screens :)
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    New World MMO

    Join Our Company/Clan :)
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    Server Space

    Hi Guys & Girls, I have a spear Server paid-up in till 2022, I would like to offer this to any Mir 2 server Owner Free of charge :) There are a number of ways we can do it I'm willing to help or even run a Server New or old. While I've been at work in "Holiday Mode" I've been on youtube...
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    Mir Trilogy! This looks Very good!
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    Mir Mobile on Android Only

    Legend Of Blades. Seems to auto play 😀 anyone played it????
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    Live stream

    Hi my sons is live streaming if you have kids good stream to watch! Thanks for the support LOMCN!
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    Missing out on Crypto?

    Join my team.
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    BitCoin / BitConnect

    I've just started with Bitconnect anyone done anything with it before?
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    [Other] Happy server log in help ( Purple Screen )

    Getting Purple screen please help.
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    [Request] DEDI - Server Cost?

    HI, I need a Dedi server company any suggestions? What would i be looking at paying per month?
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    My Son has a YouTube channel please check it out.

    Hi guys, My son has a YouTube channle if you have a kid aged 9_10_11 please share with them. Hopefully this great community will help 😀 Thanks in advanced.
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    [2.3] SDK Error (Black Screen) Booted in safe mode, Ran normally & all programs closed ??? Please i just want to play mir lol
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    [Request] DEDI server host's

    Hi can anyone recommend one please
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    [Request] The Aged old Question - What do you want from a server?

    Ok so the question is a little out there as we all want different things but what do the masses want? I myself LOVED euro but like a lot of people the grind was sooo long but once you got so far you didn't want to quit because of all the time that was put in. So is it just a case of Med/High...
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    [Request] Looking for someone to help me build/run a Server

    Hi, As title says looking for some one to help me build a server over the next few months using the the LOMCN files now SW has been added i think it will bring back a huge part of the fun. Not looking for a coder just some one that would be committed to seeing this too the end over the next...
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    Best dedi for a Mir server

    Hi, Any suggestions ? Thanks
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    [Request] Looking for MAP Help (Editing)

    Hi Looking for someone to add about 8/10 entrances to 3 Map's I'm willing to pay £20 Any takers? Thanks
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    [Request] Looking for someone to add entrances to some maps.

    Hi guys, As im building a server on my own (with a lot of help from LOMCN) atm i have a lot to do and not a lot of time with working & looking after my kids. So i am looking for some one to add some cave entrances to 2/3 maps & to also edit the mini maps. i am willing to pay a small fee for...
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    [Other] Is there a need for a server Forum & Website

    Hi, i'm working on a server ATM that i am hoping to have up in the next few months :) just a quick question... IS THERE A NEED FOR A SERVER OWN WEB SITE AND FORUM ANYMORE? With facebook & lomcn is there ant use for one?