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  1. [Request] heroes server files

    i have searched the forum i was wondering if anyone had a link or could upload an update to date heroes file set. i have some great new ideas that i think would make an amazing server but i dont have a starting point. thanks
  2. High Rate Kings

    i was wondering if anyone is currently working on or knows of a high rate/ high stat king server that is available. :D
  3. LF High Rate Kings mir 3

    if anyone knows of one please let me know
  4. Any Good High Rate Servers Suggest one plz

    im looking for a high rate server/fun server. something i can waste some time on nothing serious
  5. Server Status 12/26/2010

    I went through and checked which servers are online and offline. hopefully this thread will make it easier to choose which mir3 server you want to play. BlackHeart (3g 3.55) Online XtremePhoenix (king, very custum) Online HaseKura (3g 3.55, high usercount) Online RNDpro (Holley, HighRate)...
  6. Need Help With Vista Home and lip

    i know i need to get the chinese lip so i can crack 3.55 but for some reason you cant change it on vista home like you can on xp is there any thing i can do about this or just go back to xp?
  7. Mir3 Beyond

    server will not be going up anytime soon as i have ran into some problems sry all you will have to find a new high rate to play and i wish there was one out there decent enough to play :(
  8. How to start your server?

    ino this probably the most nubish quesiton ever but i think i have set up all the ports and ips at but how do i start the server